Thursday, December 9, 2010

as the years go by

I just realized a few minutes ago that by this time next year my sweet baby girl will be almost SEVEN! There will be absolutely no trace of that little baby anywhere to be found.  It made me very sad but it also made me realize I really need to try to enjoy every moment I can with her because I will NEVER get these days back!

I love you little Waffle just the way you are but please for mommy stay a little girl a while longer!!!!!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Anyone else wonder how your parents did it?

When I go through my day to day life and try to keep the house clean, the kids happy, the laundry washed and food on the table... not to mention trying to keep the bills paid on time I often feel I am coming up SO short.  I have more bad days then good it seems and I find myself asking how did my mom do it?

When my mom was my age she seemed to have things so much more together than I do. I respect her more now than I EVER did then.  I just didn't appreciate what she did for us, and trust me it was a lot and mostly on her own.  She worked full time all of my life and still had the time to have dinner on the table and to scrub that house down every Saturday morning.  We had special treats as often as possible and she was ALWAYS there to help with school projects.  (She is still around to help with projects that come up, just for the 

I am a SAHM and I can't seem to get ANYTHING done in a day.  HOW DID SHE DO IT???? 
Why can't I seem to get my act together? Every day I feel more and more called to home school the little Waffles yet every day I find I come up short in that area also.  Baby Waffle of course isn't much of a concern yet and Little Waffle is doing ok but I feel like we could be doing more.  I hope since I am basically done with classes and only have (yeah I said only have) my thesis left to do maybe starting in January I can be more organized.  That is my goal anyway.  
 I am currently reading a book about Managing your home which is all about scheduling.  As much as I like to think I am a unscheduled kind of a girl, I think to make my life as it currently is 'work' I am going to have to get with a program. 

Here's hoping!  Peace out!!!!!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

through the years with Little Waffle

I took Little Waffle tonight to see the Singing Christmas tree and for some reason it got me really nostalgic for the old days, I kept having flashes of her through the years so I thought I would come on here today and reminisce with actual pictures.....


playing with balloons


and squeezing in a little shot of Baby Waffle
2010..... (edited to add we finally got a picture from this current Christmas!) 

Except for 2007 (which I seem to be very lacking in picture from for some reason) these were all taken at the 'Waffle' Family Christmas.

It is amazing to see just how much she has changed(yet totally has remained the same)  I really can say I miss the baby she was but I LOVE the young lady she is becoming.  (can you tell I am full of the love today!) 

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Happy December!!!

Well as much as it ia we have our tree up AND miracle of miracles Southtown saw snow flurries today, a very rare event! 

Friday, December 3, 2010

wow, bad when you can't think of a caption...

So Christmas is officially in the air.  We picked up a Christmas tree tonight and will be decorating it along with the house tomorrow.  I have shopped for my two little kids but not really anyone else so tons of shopping to do. Daddy Waffle is working some over time so he wont be home much between now and Christmas week which sucks but will be worth it in the end. 

Other than that not much to say, Baby Waffle still wont sleep like a normal child should but I have to say the sweetest thing happened last night.  He ended up in my bed (par for the course) and I woke up around 3:30 am to find him laying there holding my hand.  SOOOOOO flippin' sweet! 

On that note I will close for tonight. Peace out!!!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

soooo tired....

of having a child that simply will not sleep.  Two nights he will go down great and sleep for at least a few hours but then it is always back to this... wont sleep a wink if I am not touching him! 

I repurchashed the No Cry Sleep Solution and will be reading that again starting tomorrow.  heres hoping....

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

December 1st....

we say it all the time but SERIOUSLY where has the year gone, 2010 seemed like such a far off date once upon a time and now look it is essentially GONE! 

So today was a nice day, for the most part.  I was reminded by a friend to stop taking my kiddos for granted.  She posted the kids commandments on her blog and it really hit me, you know, right there.  I so often catch myself expecting sooo much of Little Waffle especially and I realized today that has got to stop.  She is only 5 and 3\4 after all!  (although we did figure out today that she has only 59 days until she turns 6~) 
 So that is my mission, work harder on letting her be a kid, if she would only work with  me on that one (she so much wants to be the boss, I swear!)

Baby Waffle I think has flipped his lid!  Well, first the good... I think I mentioned last night that while I was in school last night Baby Waffle fell asleep on Daddy Waffle and stayed there until like 11:30 pm.  I moved him at that time and he stirred, just long enough to nurse, and went back out.  He slept in his bed until around 3:30 am when he quietly came in my room and proceeded to sleep until 6:30ish this morning!  That has to be the best night sleep he has EVER had!!!  The crazy set in tonight though when the silly boy started dancing around the living room.  SOOOO FUNNY, he was spinning in circles until he was falling down.  I love it!  It was so fun to watch him being so happy.  Now if the little bugger would just figure out how to say Mama, Dada or ANYTHING for that matter!!!
Well I guess that is it for now, Peace out!  

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

wow where has the month gone?

So, I missed a day and screwed up my NaBloPoMo and as a 'punishment' I have ignored my dear blog since I messed up.  Shame on me.  I enjoy doing this, posting my thoughts for no one in particular to follow, so who really did I punish...well frankly, no one lol but regardless, I am back.  I am going to make December my month to blog every day.  So you three (of which I believe I am actually one) watch out your reader will over floweth!!!

I will be back tomorrow to up date what we are actually up too, until them PEACE OUT!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Dang it dang it dang it

The road to hell is paved with good intentions! My month is blown and I was doing so great. I had every intention of blogging every day in November for NaBloPoMo but alas I blew it. In fact I THOUGHT I blew it last night, Monday Nov 8th, but when I just came now to write this post I discovered my last post was in fact Nov 6 th. So dang it there goes that dream!! Well I do have an excuse, really I do. We got the rooms finished and Baby Waffle is in his new bed in his new room and therefore we have had NO sleep the last two days. I am in fact sitting up at 2:43am because the dear baby is up. On top of turning his world upside down I am nowalso trying to cut out his little midnight snacks so there is another reason we are up. Doesn't give me any chance of winning any prizes but well I guess in the end the only prize I really need is a boy who likes to sleep in his nice new big boy bed!!!!!
Well going to try to get the man back in bed. Good night to all.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Moving (around) day...

So we spent all day today making changes to the set up of the house.  The playroom is all done.
The kids room is all done and Little Waffle will be spending her first night in the top bunk she has decided will be hers! (eek, no rails, we may need to fix that!) 

and baby Waffle is in his very own 'big boy bed' for the first time tonight, I am crossing everything I have that he makes it all night there!  (but big sissy is ready to sleep with him if she has too, lol) 

now all that is left is to move our bedroom furniture back to the master bedroom and out of the den we currently have it in so I can set up the classroom in said den.  It is just so exciting! (and somehow I am ready to be done with the shifting. )  

Well, I have some reading to do for my classes and I have started crocheting again so I have things to do, I must run.  TTFN!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Girls night out

Amazing how much different that is now than it once was. lol  Tonight I had girls night out with Little Waffle, we got some free tickets to the Veggie Tales show at one of the churches in town so off we went.  A quick dinner at the most healthy of spots Micky D's (we were running late) then to the show. 

I have never really had reason to pay much attention to the Veggie Tales but I have to say it was nice.  Nice that they have fun while teaching to share (or whatever the lesson may be at a given time!) 

Anyway thanks to Aunt Val for the free tickets!  I will leave you with a few pictures. 

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Remind me never to get a job in the Private Practice office~

I was having a really bad day.  Something happened that I don't want to talk about because I am not sure who reads this and not really how I would want to have people know, just know it was nothing earth shattering but I have to say coming home tonight and watching Private Practice put me in my place.  lol  Those people have it ALL happen!
It is so nice to have a release like tv.  I know, I know, it rots your brain and is horrible for developing minds but come on it is sooooo nice sometimes to watch things so horrible you can't wrap your head around it and know it isn't real!!!

So what else is going on...hmmm well for starters my poor Mac Book has been through the wringer.  Baby Waffle is murder on my poor computer and the result is I have no back slash, no question mark and my monitor is about to snap off at any minute!  Not really anything important about that information so much as I needed a question mark and had none to put in! So what was I saying, Oh yes, other things.  Now that the Navy Waffles are both out living their adult lives we have begun our home remodeling.  We have the playroom almost all set up and just have to get some last toys out of Little Waffle's room.  Once that is done we will move on to putting Baby Waffle's new toddler bed in the room with Little Waffle.  When we finally have them set up we can move back into the master suite and I will FINALLY be able to set up my classroom!  Now I need lots and lots of bookshelves.  So I guess I will head on over to craigslist and see what I can find!
So TTFN, baby Waffle is up! 

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Day two

No, I don't plan to list every day of school but hey, it is our first week.  Turns out starting next week we will be much better at this as my little job baby sitting will be ending as of Friday so my time will be back to being my own.... in the mean time, today we mostly accomplished HWT.  Little Waffle LOVES that curriculum!  She is seriously avoiding her phonics though so we need to work on that.  

The play room is painted which is another bonus.  We will spend the rest of the week working on moving rooms around so by Monday we will have our official classroom.  I am so excited, now just need to stock up on book cases!

The moving around of rooms also means the beginning of the end of co-sleeping for baby waffle.  We got him the cutest little toddler bed and we will be moving him into the room with Little Waffle.  We will have to see how that one turns out!  They love each other bunches so one would think it would work out ok.....

Well that is it for now, Baby Waffle is crying time to get him changed and into bed.....uh oh poo time! 

Monday, November 1, 2010

First day of school

Yes we were a little late officially starting out year but we were waiting to get some redecorating done after the older Waffles left for the Navy.  We have been doing some work just never officially started our year until now. The redo of the house is running behind so we still aren't in our classroom as I had hoped but we did get started. 

Today we began HWT and worked on the upper case frog jump letters and Little Waffle actually told me she was having so much fun she didn't want to stop!  (love hearing that for the time it lasted)  We were not able to get to our phonics for today but we will get to that tomorrow. It is going to take some time to adjust to trying to get lessons in around Baby Waffle.  Before bed we read the first chapter in SOTW.

This week we hope to do HWT and phonics daily along with some math, which today we did in the form of making thin pancakes (crepes) for breakfast!  We hope to get SOTW three times a week but I also need to get the activity sheets before we get to far ahead.  We will make a trip to the library Wednesday both so the Waffles can get new books but also because I have a book on hold Naked Heat and I really miss reading for fun.

On top of trying to get started on Little Waffles official school year I have been asked to assist on a research team at my school.  I will be able to get my thesis out of this so I might just be able to graduate in May after all and I have to say at this point that will be a huge blessing as well as a weight off of my shoulders! 

I guess that is all for now, today is the official first day of NaBloPoMo, so I hope to post daily!  

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween

from Pebbles and Bam Bam. (Grandma got a little confused and he looks a little more like Fred but the point was there!) We had a great night trick or treating Sat night and a visit to a church for Trunk or Treat on Sunday.  By the end of Sunday even Baby Waffle was getting into it and carrying his bucket to receive his treats.  I only wish I had thought to take pictures of that.  It was just so darned sweet I didn't think of it.  


Thursday, October 28, 2010

Gobbling Turkeys

Not really a lot to say today, I am making bows for a bow exchange and I have 21 Turkeys to churn out! It is fun but would be nice if I was making money on this deal, maybe one day my little bow business will take off!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Baby Waffle, future stunt man!

Monday, October 25, 2010

In what era or time period would you want to visit or live

So today was such a busy day I couldn't think of anything to write about myself so I went to the NaBloPoMo page for prompts and came up with this one.  If anyone actually reads this they may totally freak out by my answer but here it is anyway.

I would love to live in the 50's.  Back when the men brought home the bacon and then the women 'fried it up in the pan'.  Women were in the home and took care of the family and house and no one questioned it.  Kids could play outside and no one worried, they could go 'into town' to the corner store without anyone having to worry about the perv on the corner kidnapping them or what not. I like me opening doors for me and all that comes with that!

So there you go, I need to go hit Pleasantville!  That's it, TTFN!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Super Busy day

I spent the whole day prepping for family to come by tonight so we could celebrate the departure of the second step waffle.  

I cut up tons of chicken this morning to make the requested sweet and sour chicken and rice for the waffles and the grandwaffles.  The left over chicken will be cut up and fried with the rice for dinner tomorrow night.  I also used the bones and 'stuff' to make some chicken stock and will grind up the left over bones, celery, carrots and what not to make some sort of treat for the Waffle mut!

Well, I am spent and heading to the bed.  Tomorrow will be a busy day as I am not only keeping my own two along with the 3 month old I keep three days a week but I am also helping out a friend in need and keeping her 18 month old while she goes for a bone scan.  It is going to be a busy morning. Thank goodness for Little Waffle she is such an amazing helper! TTFN night all!!!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Fall festival and weddings

Today s
Today was a good day.  Grandma Waffle joined me and the little Waffles for a morning of fun at Smith Family Farm for a Fall Festival.  We were able to walk around and see their few chickens, a donkey and goats as well as a trip through a millet maze and some old pumpkins.  The farm looked pretty much done for the year but we still had fun.  I will post a few pictures tomorrow but right now I don't know where my camera is and I am super tired!

Then we had to rush back (farm was about 45 minutes away) to get ready for the wedding of one of Daddy Waffles nephews.  It was such a pretty ceremony.  Both the bride and groom have children so they not only include the children but said actual vows to them. SOO sweet! 

Well that makes this short and sweet but I am BEAT, going to be in bed by 10 tonight, I promise!  Tomorrow I am making sweet and sour chicken for Middle Waffle (number 2)for his going away dinner as he has to be at the recruiting station at 1 pm Monday.  So TTFN 

Friday, October 22, 2010

Freaky Friday....ok not really but hey needed a title!

So today on the NaBloPoMo site they offered a prompt for writing and it was: Do you have any scars? How'd you get them? So as a matter of fact I do, several-major ones!  Well probably three to be exact.  The first is two fold and my proudest badge of honor and probably biggest regret my c-section scar (two c-sections so two fold).  I would hope it is obvious why it is my proudest but it is my biggest regret because I really really wanted natural childbirth.  With both pregnancies I made it so far with no pain meds but as it turns out supposedly I have what is called an android pelvis and as soon as the babies hit that point nothing was moving, my bones don't spread like they should and I went from totally cool with the pain to 'that' woman, you know the one-screaming down the hall, telling her husband he did that to her and he should be in pain too, you know!  With baby waffle it was so bad once it got to that point I would push and push and his poor little head was right there, we could see it but it just wasn't coming out and the pain of trying to get it out was SO bad I ended up having to have FIVE boluses of my epidural which basically at that point was not doing a thing.  

I really tried after Little Waffle, I had gotten it in my head that in her case it was because I let them induce me but then after Baby Waffle I have had to try to come to terms with the fact that it is just not meant to be for me, although really now out of the heat of the moment I think, what if I did something different- different position, not in the hospital but lets face it no one would let me try to have a baby out of a hospital after two c sections, so....

But anyway, I digress.  My UGLIEST scar is from a bowel resection.  I have crohn's disease and while the disease itself was never that bad, I got some side effects (too gross to really describe so I wont) which I was told would be resolved with the bowel resection.  It was a horrible surgery, kept me away from Little Waffle for a week which resulted in her weaning (which was ok because she was over 2 at the time) and overall just sucked but the WORST part was although I had the head surgeon running my case I ended up with the ugliest Frankenstein scar! You would think the could use something better than the staples they used but I guess I am not a movie star so my gut wasn't important enough to try to make pretty!

Finally I have a small set of scars from gall bladder surgery.  The least exotic and most unnoticeable scar so I will just leave that be.  

Well I guess that is it for tonight.  We are going to a fall festival for hay rides and pumpkin picking tomorrow.  Hopefully the weather will at least make us feel like late summer so we can enjoy it somewhat.  TTFN!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Random Tuesday Thoughts

Ok so I am a dork.  I was going to join a blog circle for random Tuesday thoughts but for some reason I can't figure out how to grab the widget.  Guess I can still post my random thoughts, I will figure the rest out later!

So I am in my last year of graduate school to get my master's in experimental psychology.  I really thought I was going to crash and burn but fortunately it would appear my prof don't think I am as dumb as I have thought I was lately as he offered my a chance at a research group which may help me develop my thesis, the only thing left between me and my degree after this semester!

Now that mid terms are behind me I am concentrating on making bows for a few days. I am in a hair bow exchange with some online friends of mine and I have to make the Thanksgiving bows.   Really, can Thanksgiving REALLY be like just about a month away....(please excuse my lack of proper punctuation, Baby Waffle spilled water on my macbook and now for some reason my question mark wont work and I have a few letters that wont shift!

Well enough rambling for today.  I was up until 1:30 this morning and back up at 5 am thanks to baby waffle. I would say I am about ready to CRASH! TTFN

Monday, October 18, 2010

short but sweet

I should be working on school work and since I am not I will be up late and stressing all day tomorrow but I really want to stick to blogging every day so I am putting out this short post.  

There is a missing one year old in the news in my area.  It really makes me appreciate having Baby Waffle laying in his crib so close to me.  To that end I had to take this picture and I will leave you with this....

hug them close and let them know you love them!  ttfn

Sunday, October 17, 2010

back again! (this time to stay??? )

Ok, so it has been awhile but I am back.  I originally wanted to start blogging for NaBloPoMo last year (national blog posting month, it is officially the month of November but now you can work with them all year I never made it last year but I am determined to stick with it this year so here I am!!!

So that said a little catching up.  School has been stressing me out.  This is the first semester since I went back to school after little waffle was born that I honestly feel like I can't keep up.  Little Waffle was always such a breeze and really until that thing called walking kicked in so was baby waffle but you know they have to grow and it is so much harder now.  I am supposed to read so much this semester and it just isn't getting done.  IF I pass one of my classes it will be by the shear grace of God!  

All of that stress is really effecting my weight loss (or lack there of!)  I try to walk at least 3 miles 2 or 3 times a week but since I also started baby sitting a friends 3 month old, that isn't happening as often as I would like BUT it is cooler now so I am trying to throw a walk in in the evenings on the days I can't do it in the morning.  My other new discovery is B12.  Apparently it is said to work wonders because long story short lots of women are lacking it.  I am going to start with that as soon as possible and will see what happens.  

So, OH about the walking.  I recently bought a used Phil & Ted stroller with the doubler seat. It is SUCH a fabulous stroller, it really is however I have to say there was apparently a recall at some point that we didn't know about.  All I can say is IF you have a Phil & Ted BE CAREFUL.  (apparently this is a good warning for most strollers but I speak only of the one I have).  Daddy Waffle was taking the stroller out of the car a few weeks back and didn't grab it right, he felt it grab his finger and yanked.  Next thing he knew the tip of his pinkie was GONE! I would post a picture but really, it isn't for the faint of heart so I will spare you! It has been a slow healing process. There was nothing really that could be done so it is just slowly healing over.  It hasn't made me like the stroller any less though for the record!!!

On to the rest, well one of the older waffles has flown the coop.  He is off in San Diego in the Navy and in one week we will lose the other older waffle.  He will be heading out to basic.  It will seem very strange when they are both gone, it is already odd to be short one!  I wish them the very best though, they deserve it.

And last but not least little Waffle has learned to ride her bike on just two wheels!  (One last thing her brother did before he leaves next week was make sure she could do it, isn't he great!) I am glad she was able to have that time with him. Now that the time has finally almost arrived for him to leave we can start moving rooms in the house and get down and dirty with her schooling.  We have kind of taken it a little easy since she was pretty much ahead anyway so we will really start her year Nov 1 and go through probably July.  We will be starting off serious with a handwriting program, reading, Story of the world for some history, and after she gets reading down, hopefully by January, we will start Latin.  We won a WHOLE curriculum steered to her age so I am excited.  We also have to buy her math program so we will just keep doing hodgepodge math until probably January or so and then start Right Start A. We also will be doing some art projects weekly and for now stick with the science survey from enrichment day supplemented with some experiments at home.

I am really looking forward to be a little less concerned with my classes and to be able to focus on little and baby waffles studies! 

Well I guess that is it for now! I will be back tomorrow.....ttfn

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

crappy day

all and all today was just an epic FAIL.  I love finding out who is true and who is full of crap but the only thing I can say is through it all you know who your friends are.  I am just hating at the moment that almost all of mine are so far away (even one near by is away on vacation) 

I am really starting to wonder, shouldn't the military provide separation/grief counseling for the friends left behind when the military family is sent to a new base.  I have never had this much trouble adjusting to a friend moving but for some reason it keeps hitting me.  Maybe it is because little Waffle keeps talking about her BFF, I don't know but my buddy was one who could always make me feel better and I don't have her around anymore either so it all sucks. 

The only thing I have to say is depressed or not I haven't resorted to pushing my feelings away under two tons of food.  Maybe that is actually why I am feeling bad, i am allowing myself to feel instead of eating?  I don't know but I am rambling so I will call it a night before Baby Waffle wakes up yet again!


Monday, August 16, 2010

off the wagon... again... sort of and about a contest!

So yes I haven't been posting my food, I have however been watching what I eat.  I find it so hard to have time to post every day because baby Waffle is is getting two molars and is having a lot of issues with sleep.  Poor guy, he has four teeth up top plus the two molars coming in but only TWO teeth on bottom.  Gotta get a picture of his smile ;) 

Soo anyway, I know I wasn't going to weigh but I have because my shorts were getting a little loose, I am down three pounds, not much but hey it has only been what a week.  I will take that. So I am going to try again to get the every day posting in.... fingers crossed.

Now for the contest.  I stumbled upon a new cloth diaper cover that I adore and we planning on upping my stock in the next week or so with this new covers from  In the meantime, has announced a give away of this very diaper.  I am SO excited (I am even posting about this in hopes of an extra entry) The contests ends tonight so fingers crossed.... I hope I win some! 

OH I just realized something, I am down three pounds BUT I also got a visit from that worst of all friends today so I am probably totally bloated!  Whoo hoo.

Ok so TTFN!!!!

Monday, August 9, 2010

End of day one

Well I pretty much survived day one.  I went for a wog (walk/jog) this morning and went about 2 miles but couldn't find the path marker so I am not certain about distance.  I definitely was hot and sweated up a storm. 

I already listed breakfast.  Lunch was pretty good, had a salad of mixed greens with grilled chicken, bacon and feta cheese along with organic balsamic and olive oil dressing.  I did take a few bites of the kids mac and cheese though but hey Rome wasn't built in a day, right?

Around 3/3:30 I snacked on some almond slices but if I understand right, those are ok actually pretty good to snack on

Things got a bit worse with dinner, well actually after dinner:  dinner was chicken baked with the same dressing as the salad at lunch also topped with Parmesan cheese and crushed almond slivers. We had brown rice and fresh peaches along with the chicken.  Yes I know, no veggies.  I didn't realize we were totally out of veggies so need to take care of that and stock up tomorrow!   

I had the fresh peach for dessert, I sliced it and put a little butter and brown sugar on it and put it in the microwave and the covered with more of the almonds slices.  I guess that wouldn't be so bad but after I finished the peach I went back and melted more butter and brown sugar and mixed some more almonds in.  I am fully aware that I did this because I got mad at my husband though.  Doesn't change that I did it but it does help me maybe resist the urge NEXT time hopefully. 

Well, off to brush my teeth and hit the sack before I go try to snack some more! 

So in review, exercise check, food for today I will say check however not eating after 7 FAIL. it wasn't much after 7 so not bad for the first day!  20 days to go, I think I will try to resist the scale until the 21st day and see what happens.  Shouldn't be too hard, I weigh on my Wii and there is something crazy going on with my system..... guess I have 20 days to fix it!  Night all....


I am hijacking my own blog....

So once again it has been awhile since my last post.  Not much has gone on but we have just been busy with summer in general!  So until things pick up and since I need to make myself accountable I am hijacking this general blog to make it a weight loss blog!

I have been told it takes 21 days to make a change into a habit so for the next 21 days I am going to post my weight loss journey.  It will make me accountable for the weight loss as well as get my blog up and running again!

long term goal is to be somewhere around 175 short term get to 220
So Day 1: weight 239
                 breakfast: 1 whole egg and 2 egg whites scrambled with 2 slices of ham and a handful of feta
                                  cheese and 1/2 banana 1 1/2 glasses of orange juice.

I am heading out now to walk with some friends and will fill in the rest of my day tonight.  Fingers crossed I will stick to it this time.  I can't stand being this way any more!!!!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day

First and foremost I want to take a minute to thank all of the great people who have fought to give us our freedoms especially those which gave the ultimate sacrifice.  Also those families who have to sacrifice all the time to support those men and women(which from my last post you can see I totally see first hand!)

We had a pretty great day today, some good friends came over for a cook out and we let the Little's play in the sprinkler in the front yard.  Even Baby Waffle got in on the fun.  I have pictures I will up load tomorrow but I just wanted to check in for tonight. 

Baby Waffle has mastered my front porch steps, walking will NOT be far behind!

Good night all, gotta go buy a bday gift tomorrow and get some workout in but I will get the pictures posted at some point. 

No more negative nelly!


Friday, May 28, 2010

a rough end to a couple of great days

So the home school conference was this weekend and I had a great time THERE the rest of it not so much.  Baby Waffle was not so happy in the strange surroundings of the hotel and was up all night screaming so we cut our trip short and came home after the second day of workshops.  I don't feel like I missed much though so it is ok.

The book fair was amazing but SO overwhelming.  I do feel like I came away with a better understanding of curriculum though which was my biggest concern going into things.  I now know what we will be doing for history, reading, handwriting and science in the fall.  Really all I have left to figure out is math but I have time so that isn't really stressing me at the moment.  I was very taken in by the lap book idea and purchased a couple to try out and see how Little Waffle does with them.  She was really fascinated with the one at the booth and since she really loves artsy things I think she will really enjoy that style of learning.  We have one on seashells that I thought we would work on over the summer and maybe combine it with some beach trips to try to find the types of shells she learns about in the lap book.  (any excuse to go to the beach.  Baby waffle is almost a year and has never been to the ocean, totally unacceptable!)

So all that said, great trip, big success.  Nice ride home with both little Waffles sleeping almost the whole car ride home.  Bedtimes got pushed back because of the car ride, no biggie have nowhere to go tomorrow but both littles are asleep in their own beds (a big miracle for Baby Waffle) but then I get on the wonderful facebook and find out the worst has happened.  I knew it was coming I live in a military town and my best buddies inevitably end up being sent away but I don't have to like it.  I fought it and fought it but it turns out Uncle Sam always gets his way.  Little Waffle is going to be crushed.  Her self proclaimed BFF is being sent to Kansas.... sooner rather than later I am sure  I love her and her whole family and since I am not military and I don't move often the number of people I really get close to is much smaller so when I lose a friend it really hurts!  What bugs me the most is that this is now the SECOND really good friend of Little Waffle that has been sent to Kansas in her short 5 1/2 years..... why do they all get sent to Kansas!!!  (actually second really good friend third total! what's up with Kansas???)  I know my friend isn't thrilled with having to move her whole family but it will mean more time with daddy home so in the long run, it isn't about me and I should get over myself.
I was born here with NO military connection, it is really hard but I guess I have whined enough, I know there is no fighting it, it is the curse of being in a military town. 

I guess I will go to bed and just hope Little Waffle can get a little time with her BFF before they go.


Sunday, May 23, 2010

busy week

It seems to have been a super busy week which has kept me away even though I hope to keep this a little more regular.  As much as I hate to say it tv is a big part of my life and has kept me busy.  I really hope to wean myself away from the boob tube in hopes of being a better example to the wee waffles! Now that Lost is behind me that might actually be a possibility!

Besides tv, it is in general a busy month.  Little waffle is wrapping up her year at preschool and it seems there is some event at least twice a week.  She had a field day at the part on Friday and the Grandma and I took the wee's to a food and agro expo about 45 mins away.  Can I just say I have NEVER seen so many types of BBQ sauce.  We had a really great time and I think that is something we should consider doing yearly.  All the fun of a State Fair but it is FREE.  My FAVORITE type of entertainment!!!

So now we look to the week ahead.  Little Waffle has three days left until she is an official home schooled student.  I think we are both excited about the adventure but we will have to see how long that lasts.  We will be heading out Thursday to the state home school conference which I think will actually help fuel the excitement and I am really getting excited.  It would be nice if finances weren't quite so tight but the Lord provides so we will just have to believe that is true!

Well, heading to bed in a few minutes, we are trying something new with baby Waffle.  He has been sleeping in the bed with us but he is a very antsy sleeper so we decided to put up Little Waffle's old crib next to the bed like a co-sleeper and see how that works.  He is in there now, wish me luck!

Well, I am out of here,

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Thunderstorms, planning fun and seasons ending


We had a horrible storm blow through tonight.  From the special news report on TV a possible tornado was headed right for us.  My wonderful husband decided that would be a great reason to torment Little Waffle!  She is already afraid of thunder and I don't know what he was saying but she was running through the house to me bawling!  She ended up having to go to sleep in my bed.  Men, they just don't get it!!!  The last laugh is on him though, she is in his spot in the bed.  Guess he will be in her bed tonight!!! lol

Planning Fun

I have a great group of moms I have been with since pretty much I found out I was pregnant with Baby Waffle, we met on a message board and have all pretty much kept in touch through there and Face book.  Well one group just had a  meet up in Chicago which was just too far for us but now another group of us are looking at a get together much closer to where we live, I can't wait.  I think we are going to have a ball!

Season's ending

I can't believe that this time next week there will only be 40 mins left to the BEST show on tv, LOST.  In a way I am glad because I have decided when this season of tv is all ended we are going to make some major changes in our tv habits.  Little Waffle will be out of school as of the end of May and we are going to have a short session of class before she is fully released for summer.  Our first 'semester' of home school lessons will be handwriting and reading.  I hope to have her able to read at least beginning readers by June 30th, she can already sound out words so this isn't a huge stretch.  Once we can accomplish this we will be spending more time reading and a LOT less time watching the boob tube.  (If you know me, you would know how big this is!)

Well I think that is enough for now, I have more than made up for missing a couple of days.

Friday, May 14, 2010

I guess I will sleep when I am dead...

Between Baby Waffle waking up at all hours of the night and then Little Waffle waking up for the day at the crack of dawn I am EXHAUSTED!  Oh well, time for a shower, today is a great day for Little Waffle.  She is graduating from preschool. (mentioned that last night I think...)  I am preparing for it now, I hear I am going to cry.  I can't believe my little girl is growing up.  I am also excited though because this will mark the beginning of our journey into home schooling.  We are going to a home school conference at the end of the month and I can't wait.  I am going to try to get our curriculum figured out at the book fair. yippee. 

Well...let me get moving before we are all late!!!!


Thursday, May 13, 2010

beginnig of the end

The end of 'actual' school for the little Waffles that is.  Little Waffle graduates from Pre school tomorrow!  She actually has a couple of weeks left but they are combining the 'graduation' with the end of the year performance so tomorrow it is! 

Will post pictures soon.  Night world.


Tuesday, May 11, 2010

under construction

Day two on my blog, just wanted to say I am still getting the hang of this but I think I am going to stick with blogger so stay tuned.

Really the only thing going on right now is my daily workout with Stroller strides and my on going battle with Verizon waiting for them to replace my phone (which is under warranty)  I went into a local store 11 days ago but didn't find out until I called into customer service today that the store never put my order in.  ARGGGGGHHHHH good thing I have been enjoying the lack of contact!

Guess that is it for today... Oh except if you live near an Earth Fare store you should check out this site.  They are hosting an exciting giveaway to celebrate the beginning of  One person will win a $20 Earth Fare gift card along with Earth Fare’s Spring Savings Booklet!  This giveaway will be open to entries all week long and will conclude on Tuesday, May 18th. 

Good luck!!! And I will be back soon...


Thoughts from my rambling mind...

Thoughts from my rambling mind...

I wanted to start this blog so I could keep people updated on my life and my family as I begin my journey into homeschooling while also trying to become more educated in the finer points of nutritious eating. My primary goal right now is to eliminate processed foods by making as much of my food as I can.
But I digress, as the title says, I sometimes do ramble, so to introduce the family. I am Mama Waffle (40), I am a home schooling, breast feeding, cloth diapering, baby wearing, attachment parenting mama of 2. My hubby is Daddy Waffle (42) is in law enforcement and he gave me two ’step waffles’ that I wont probably talk about too much as they are 18 and 20 and about to leave for the armed forces. Then together we have ‘little Waffle’ my wonderful daughter who is 5 and too smart for words and ‘baby waffle’ my wild son who is 9.5 months old and already has trouble in his eyes!
My daughter is finishing up preschool this month and then we will be jumping head first into homeschooling. I am currently trying to work out exactly what curriculum and all the other finer points but we wont really be starting until September so I have time. I am very excited because we will be attending our very first home school conference in a couple of weeks. I am very much looking forward to making new friends from the home school community as well as shopping the book fair (lets face it, the shipping is a HUGE draw!)
Well, I was going to talk about my current projects but I think I have go on enough for one night. Baby Waffle is fighting sleep and frankly I am ready for bed.

*note:I am currently trying to move from my original blog so just deal for a bit... ;0)

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