Saturday, November 6, 2010

Moving (around) day...

So we spent all day today making changes to the set up of the house.  The playroom is all done.
The kids room is all done and Little Waffle will be spending her first night in the top bunk she has decided will be hers! (eek, no rails, we may need to fix that!) 

and baby Waffle is in his very own 'big boy bed' for the first time tonight, I am crossing everything I have that he makes it all night there!  (but big sissy is ready to sleep with him if she has too, lol) 

now all that is left is to move our bedroom furniture back to the master bedroom and out of the den we currently have it in so I can set up the classroom in said den.  It is just so exciting! (and somehow I am ready to be done with the shifting. )  

Well, I have some reading to do for my classes and I have started crocheting again so I have things to do, I must run.  TTFN!

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