Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A Banner week....

Baby Waffle is really growing up.  I never thought I would see the day but it seems we are finally leaving baby hood behind.  He has only nursed two times since last Saturday.  I really don't know how I feel about it.  I am so ready for this BUT then again it is still a sad time.  

Good news though now MAYBE I can lose some weight!!!!! 

Friday, April 20, 2012

Baby waffle

I am SOOO proud of that boy, his language seems to be exploding (finally) still needs serious help with articulation but it is a great improvement and he slept in his own last night...we might survive after all!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012


I am so proud of Baby Waffle. For the first time in probably a month we had a very successful speech therapy session! Even his therapist commented it was the most words she had ever heard him say. He has pretty much figured out consonant/vowel combos like me, bee, knee etc although he still may need some prompting at times. He has much more trouble when the vowel comes first so she is working a little more on that. Also we have noticed he is trying more to call daddy waffle daddy instead of guy like he has been doing and mom is moving more to mommy although much less clear than his mom is.

I also want to give him props for surviving the longest shopping trip today which ended with only a brief nap in the car. He never attempted to nurse once we got home which resulted with him not getting a full nap but he never tried and for the fourth night in a row he is sleeping in his own bed. I am spending a few nights in his room on the floor because he seems to wake around 2 am which wakes me, if he does that with me right here I can gently pat his tushy and he goes back to sleep.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Hunger Games, my opinion

So today I got paid back for watching my friends son several times by that friend watching my two so Daddy Waffle and I could have some time off.  We went to lunch at our favorite Mexican restaurant and then messed around for a bit going to a discount store and walking around before the movie.  

I am one who actually read the book before seeing the movie and I just thought I would put my two cents out there.  I LOVED it.  Was it the book to the letter? NO but it was close enough that I wouldn't complain at all.  That is my one big grip with all of the Harry Potter flicks, they are sooo different from the books, leaving out major plot points. But back to HG, I feel like it really helped that I had read the whole series before seeing this movie because I was really invested in the characters far before or even more than I would have been otherwise.  I actually teared up several times but for those who may not have seen it yet NO SPOILERS. Bottom line, go see it.  Even my usually grumpy gus hubby had to admit he liked it.  If that doesn't make you run out, NOTHING will.  

Thursday, April 12, 2012


My last post cant really have been BEFORE Thanksgiving?!? REALLY?  I am the worst blogger ever.  Alot has changed alot has stayed the same.  Over Thanksgiving I got Baby Waffle to wean at night but he still nursed first am and for his nap....we are working on that.  

He continues to receive speech therapy 30 minutes twice a week but we went to a new provider.  Our new therapist is an actual SLP and she is still trying to decide if he has Apraxia or if it is more an articulation problem.  Poor little Baby Waffle has had the brunt of the changes this year, we changed therapists, his preschool teacher quit, and we have moved.  I haven't mention that yet but yes we moved.  On the other hand, he seems to like the new therapist, his assistant teacher who has been there all year is now the main teacher and our new house is two doors from the old house so while he has had to adjust, it hasn't been that much adjusting, lol.  It has however let to some behavior issues.  Baby Waffle very much is his own man.  Things have to be done his way and he has to do things for himself.  He has made some process.  I was talking to his therapist today and we figure he now has between 25 and 50 words.  He still uses signs but he is asking for things when he can and at least trying to ask for the things he cant seem to say.  He is also saying some two and even three word phrases but usually it comes out as one long slurred together word, it is clear enough to figure out usually at least.  Other than speech, he seems to be doing ok.  He has made some buddies at his preschool and really enjoys independently playing with cars or anything he can make into a car.  He also loves our new back yard.  We finally have a fenced in yard with a sliding glass door right off of the kitchen and he likes to go in and out as he pleases. He is DEFINITELY and outside child.  

So then there is Little Waffle.  She is growing like a weed.  She loves to read and couldn't be more excited to have received the entire Little House on the Prairie book series from the Easter bunny.  She has lost 6 teeth and keeps telling us 3 more are loose.  Poor girl couldn't eat corn on the cob if she tried right now! She recently had a chance to be a model as she was part of an American Girl doll fashion show to help support the Child Advocacy Center in town.  She had a ball.  I will upload a bunch of pictures when I find the cord to my camera.  We are all moved in but some stuff has yet to surface.  

As far as school for Little Waffle, the chance to move came out of now where so we choose to take the month of March off of structured schooling so we could do some life lessons.  She learned about all the things involved in moving, packing, cleaning and the works.  

There isn't much new with the Big Waffles other than trying to recuperate from the move while trying to get the old house move out inspection ready after living in it almost 10 years!  Almost 10 years, isn't that crazy?  The new house really doesn't feel like home yet, I am sure that can be chalked up to being in the old house so long.  It is getting better though.  I will say as nice as it is to have the second tv back in a room we can get use out of it, I must say I totally miss suffering through his shows while just catching my stuff on my ipad.  We aren't spending enough time together, so I am going to have to stop hanging out in my office/classroom at I think I will do now.  

I am back now, so I promise blogs at least 3 times a week.  Maybe if I do more people will follow me which in turn would inspire me to write more....its such a vicious circle we wanna be bloggers live in!  
 Night to all!!!