Thursday, December 27, 2012

COVERGIRL flipstick

As a BZZagent, I am often asked to review certain items.  This time it was COVERGIRL flipstick. 

I received several tubes in exchange for my opinion.  The lipstick goes on smoothly and stays on for hours. There are many color combos to choose from and no end to the colors you can come up with by mixing and matching.

I do have to say by themselves I was not thrilled with the colors I received by after mixing some I came up with a color that I really love.

I really think you should give it a try!!! 

Monday, October 8, 2012

Menu plan Monday

I actually planned this week last week but never posted it so I will post it now.  For the recording have so far pretty much stuck to my planning except for a few minor adjustments.  

Monday: Roast in crock pot

Tuesday: taco Tuesday 

Wednesday: church chili in crock pot

Thursday: something with chicken in the crockpot (edited to add I decided to make Chicken delicious

Friday: Chinese take out probably 

Friday is grocery day, will have to plan the weekend based on what meats I can find will shopping.  

For now I am off to make some cupcakes (from scratch) for our scout meeting tonight.  

Saturday, September 15, 2012

It's time I started planning

 Hi World!  Sorry I haven't been around, I have been focused on my diet blog.  School kind of fell off the radar for awhile when Little Waffle ended up in the hospital and we found out she has diabetes (for anyone who reads this and didn't already know)  So now we are back on track school has started and we are going full swing.  I did opt to put Latin on the back burner until fall, we just have toooo much going on for right now.  

So what I have decided to do until I have more things to talk about is to start menu planning.  I keep saying I need to menu plan but since Little Waffle was diagnosed I have found it really is essential.  So here is my first stab at it.  I know most people do Menu Plan Monday but I don't know about anyone else around these parts we eat on Sunday too!  So my meal plans will actually be for two weeks from Sunday to Friday(the Saturday after pay day we generally end up getting food out or take out.)

Sunday 9/16  
filet of beef with potatoes 
in the crock pot

Monday 9/17

I have a season packet that I will put on a whole cut up chicken that you then roast in the provided bag with long grain rice

Tuesday 9/18
hamburger helper

Wednesday 9/19

Thursday 9/20
Easy Slow Cooker chicken 
( a recipe I found on a diabetic website) with some noodles

Friday 9/21 
tater tot casserole 

Saturday 9/22
grill out 

Sunday 9/23
Chuck roast steak in crock pot with potatoes

Monday 9/24
Chicken and dumplins in crock pot

Tuesday 9/25
beef stew 

Wednesday 9/26

Thursday 9/27
hamburger helper

Friday 9/28

These menus will hopefully improve after 10/5 when I can actually enjoy the food as well but in the meantime this is the best I have since I don't get to even eat!!!!

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Funny how things happen...

So we randomly decided this was a good year to surprise (yes SURPRISE, so shhhh no one tell her!) Little waffle(dd7) with Disney.  There was no reason to treat just her except we love her and feltwhile baby waffle (ds3) would enjoy it for a minute we would all enjoy it more with out it turns out to be one of those mysterious ways things because out of the blue suddenly in three day little waffle went from healthy and happy to lying on a hospital bed.  While she will be fine, I don't think things will ever be completely the same for her.  Unless something highly unexpected shows up in her labs it seems she has diabetes and will have to deal with it for the rest of her life. There has been no talk of meds and I honestly don't know enought to know why that isn't an option or why we have to jump right to insulin.  I guess I will know soon enough, I see lots of research in my future.  

I do have to say I have never been happier that we home school!

Friday, August 10, 2012

Summer is over!

Well here at Carolina Classical Academy our summer is coming to a close.  We will be starting classes on Monday.  I am trying very hard to finish up my prep work so I am ready to go but it isn't looking so great!  (we were going to start this week but....)

We will be starting:Right Start Math level C
                            All About Spelling level 3
                            Prima Latina
                            Writing With Ease level 2
                            First Language Lessons level 2 
                            Life of Fred- Butterflies, Cats and possibly Dogs
                            Story of the World-The Middle Ages 
                            Elemental Science
                    and   Handwriting without Tears 3rd grade (cursive) 

I am very excited to get started on this year.  We will basically go right through with no days off until Thanksgiving at which time we will wrap things up for the year pretty much and start back up after Christmas.  We will be surprising Little Waffle with a trip to Disney World (SHHHH no one tell her!) I can't wait! 

This weekend in the mean time we will be so busy.  Our semi-annual huge consignment sale is next week so I am busy busy busy pricking, hanging and tagging my items.  The Sunday we are going to a reptile exhibition show to buy Little Waffle a bearded dragon.  We have promised her a new pet since her leopard gecko from Santa died 3 months after Christmas.   

That is all for now, hopefully I will update by next Friday with how our first week goes! 

Monday, July 23, 2012


So my little man is THREE!  Where does the time go?  I can't believe even my Wii fit thinks he isn't a baby anymore. I love him more and more every day (even though he is definitely a challenge!)  

Saturday, June 30, 2012

a little summer break

I have not forgotten this wonderful blog, I have just been more focused on my weight loss blog and not to mention Carolina Classical Academy (our home school) is officially on summer break.  We are taking the month of July off and will start with Little Waffle's grade 2 year in August.  I am taking this month to do lesson planning and to figure exactly where we want to go this school year.  

As soon as I figure it all out, I will come share with the world what we will be studying.  

On a Baby Waffle note, I am in a very frustrated place with his speech situation.  The state agency that has been helping us with his speech has a strict policy that he must receive his services in the 'least restrictive environment' which for us means in our house.  However everyone fully agrees this is NOT working for him.  Well I have found out that other people who have insurance that helps with the cost have been seen in the office.  Now it turns out since switching agencies we have to cover part of the cost.  I am not upset at having to pay a part however if I am paying WHY can we not go to the clinic first of all and secondly WHY did I get a bill for FIVE months of services at ONE time.  I have put a call into the agency to look into these issues but in the mean time I am taking my search elsewhere.  I live within 45 minutes of two of the best University hospitals in the country, to be sure there is some sort of program that will help us really get some where with his problems! 

Sunday, June 17, 2012

some people think of no one but themselves!

I try really hard to travel the high road, I really do but sometimes it is nearly impossible to hold my tongue and this is one of those times.  

I am not going to go into details because I am trying to be a better person but let me just say, dumping your kid with out the first clue what he was going to do for a place to stay or a way to get home just so you could run off on a honeymoon is about the lowest most disgusting level of scum I can think of and I THINK comes really close to disqualifying you as a mom at all. 

That is all!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Need just ONE minute to vent

I am so frustrated with Baby Waffles speech situation.  Yes, he has come so far and yes he is working so hard and yes I am very please with our current situation BUT just for one minute can I please just wine how very frustrated I am with trying day in and day out to just understand what he is saying?  Even when he does get words that make any sense he has no proper lilt to his sentences I guess would be the right term for it.  Everything he says there is a pause between words, like (Maddie our dog, in house).  That is one of the actually clear ones. 

It doesn't happen often but some days I just get so frustrated, will he ever be able to make us understand??????? I worry alot what is going to happen after we lose our current speech situation at the end of summer when he turns three.  It took a long time to find someone doing something that all lined up and seemed to click with him and make some major difference.  What if the school system SLP tries other things and we spend another year and a half until something clicks.....

to be continued is all I can say I guess.

Friday, June 8, 2012

big things are happening!

Tomorrow my stepson will be married!  It is so hard to believe that boy I met 10 years ago is old enough to be getting married but he is.  He is marrying his college sweetheart and they will be setting off on their life together.  I wish them well and hope for and wonderful event FREE weekend (as his mother is a basket case!!) 

Thursday, June 7, 2012

doing some renovations!

Felt like a change so I have been doing some home renovations on my blog.  Let me know what you think and if I messed anything up that I didn't notice.

Monday, June 4, 2012

FINALLY time for a Baby Waffle update!

I really wanted to get to this sooner but you know things come up and life gets in the way.  

Baby Waffle has really been making some progress with his speech therapy.  He is picking up new words all the time but honestly nothing that most people can understand.  He will age out of his current program on July 22 when he turns 3. At that point he will go into the Early intervention program through the public school system.  I have serious reservations about this BUT unfortunately we are not independently wealthy and well those SLP's have a pesky way of expecting payment!  

So we had our intake meeting for the school system today.  I was actually semi prepped for a fight because our current case manager gave me a lot of 'if he qualifies' comments but I think she just had to cover her heiny! When I first arrived at my meeting today they had already completed all the paperwork that made him eligible and basically I was there to sign.  They did however have him only getting 1 1/2 hour session a week but between my caseworker and myself we got that back up to 2 1/2 hour sessions a week which he is getting now.  Unfortunately since this is the public school system they will not start with him until school starts leaving almost exactly a month without services.  This also means nothing during Christmas, spring break or summer.  United healthcare will not help with anything speech related to 'developmental delays'.  We have already decided to do what we can to continue our current services on our own dime until the school starts but that wont help with the other breaks.  Anyone who knows Baby Waffle KNOWS this will probably be a problem.  No one seems to be able to definitively say yes this is Apraxia we are dealing with.  He is sooo not a textbook case of anything!  What the ladies did say is that if we COULD get an actual Apraxia tag on him then it is medical NOT developmental and UHC would in fact pick up some speech.  NOW if anyone (*Amanda Furbeck if you read this!) could tell me what I should do to make that happen I would greatly appreciate the suggestions!  For now we are staying with the status quo and enjoying the cuteness that is Baby Waffle! 

Friday, May 18, 2012

So you are back for more? Want to see more snipits?

Well you have come to the right place!  I am putting all the new previews in one place for YOUR viewing pleasure. My post for the offerings from Sunday to Tuesday can be found here.
This post will pick up with the new shows in order by day beginning on Wednesday.  

 The season's most peculiar new offering comes in the form of ABC's new comedy, The Neighbors with Jamie Gertz. LOVE Jamie Gertz and as much as I am a little ashamed to admit it LOVE this show.  So strange but oddly I couldn't turn away.  I can see this being my new guilty pleasure.  You move into a new neighborhood only to find out all the neighbors are aliens. They cry green slimy stuff from their ears!!! 

ABC will also bring a new drama to the 10pm slot called Nashville. Connie Britton, Powers Booth, Jonathan Jackson and Hayden Panettiere. A fading Nashville superstar is forced to team up with a teen sensation or face the loss of her tour and promotion of her latest records. 
It has a great cast so I would say this one has potential. Hey who isn't happy 'Lucky' is in something other than General Hospital? 

NBC brings two new comedies and a drama covering an area which in my opinion is usually VERY lacking FIREMEN!

First up is Animal Practice. NBC makes it easy to find all you could ever want to know about their new shows.  Find it all here. NBC Animal Practice with Justin Kirk.    Not really sure how I feel about this one, will probably give it a chance. It oddly makes me think of Scrubs if J.D. and the gang were treating animals. (but hey who didn't like Scrubs in the good old days?)

The second new comedy from NBC is Guys with Kids.  Three guys with guess what KIDS.  I didn't want to like this but I have to say, so far I do.  Tempest Bledsole is the wife of one of the guys and watching her reminds me of her days on the Cosby show.  Also, there is a laugh track. Oh I do miss laugh tracks! Too many comedies these days don't have them and I am actually a sucker for a laugh track.(For all the info you can possible want you can look it up at 

Finally from NBC on Wednesday will be Chicago Fire.  For you house fans here is your 'Chase' fix, Jesse Spencer leads the line up.  I honestly don't need anything more than that oh and of course the fire uniform.  

The last new offering on Wednesday is Arrow at 8 pm on the CW. We have kind of seen this done several different ways before but it has a hot guy with no shirt shooting a bow and arrow, so it can't be allll bad, right???


So that brings us to Thursday.  The first new offering for us to talk about is the Last Resort on ABC.  I am not going to begin to pretend that I get this one.  It is NOT in my wheelhouse.  A submarine full of military folks refuse to follow orders and blow up Pakistan so they end up having to take over some island and threaten to blow up the world.  Er ok not really seeing the tie in on the Thursday night line up but could be interesting and might give the men in our lives something to watch.  

CBS brings Elementary to the 10 pm time slot.  A twist on the old Sherlock Holmes just as we lose House (which for the record until last night I had no clue was loosely based on the aforementioned Holmes).  Anyway, this rendition finds Holmes in the US just out of rehab with his 'sober-coach' Joan Watson.  You be the judge on this one. 

Only two to go, are you hanging in there with me???
Lastly on Thursday the CW brings us an old classic redone, Beauty and the Beast.  A little darker, a little creepier and staring Kristen Keurk but at the end of the day it is the fairy tale you remember. 


Saturday has nothing new so FINALLY the last new show for the fall is from 


There might be a reason CBS is starting Made in Jersey on the death night for television.  A street-smart lawyer (Janet Montgomery) tries to compete at a fancy New York firm. Typical CBS fare. Kind of makes me think of My Cousin Vinny if the cousin was a girl, making a name for herself.  I didn't have any interest in this until I watched the clip.  I wouldn't break my neck to watch it but it does look interesting. 

Well for anyone who actually read through this, Thanks!  I enjoyed looking all the clips up and watching them.  I may try to review the summer shows that will soon be out to fill our television voids! Until then, toodles!!!

taking a break from my normal posts

To talk about my other love.  Yes I am a tv junkie.  I would love to say we never watch tv but that would be a lie.  I LOVE it, it takes me away from the real world so I can live vicariously through someone else.  This being said, I can explain I have been a little distracted lately as this is my favorite time of the year because all the networks have their 'upfronts' where they announce the new shows for the coming year and it is also that awful time when we find what they have cancelled.  This year wasn't so bad, most of the shows I loved that ended had long known they were going like Chuck and One Tree Hill.  I think my biggest upset is Awake.  It is such a smart show and they just didn't give it time.  Alas it is the manner of the beast.  
So tonight I began a journey, maybe a quest even, to find previews for all the new shows.  I am going to go through day by day and give my opinions on all the new shows (along with a clip).  So if you aren't interested just feel free to ignore the rest of this.  I do have an update on Baby Waffle and his speech but I will make that a separate post.  This might actually be come about 3 or 4 posts so the entries don't end up colossal.  And, away we go. 
     First of all I got my schedule information here fall-tv-grid-day-by-day-schedule-abc-cbs-fox-nbc-cw/falltvgrid2012r4/   
There seems to be a big shake up as far as old shows and slots but I am only going to address the new shows for now. Also all times I list are eastern.

 There is only one show to be brought to Sundays.  It is 666 Park Avenue on ABC at 10 pm.  This show has a little for everyone, Vanessa Williams, Terry O'Quinn and so many more.  A Midwest couple is offered the job of managing an upscale apartment building. All I can say is if it seems too good to be true.... RUN! 
I mean really what do you expect when 666 is RIGHT THERE IN THE NAME!!! 

All that said I will definitely be checking this out!

 We have three to look at for Monday the first is Partners on CBS at 8:30.   Sophia Bush (Brooke OTH) and Michael Urie (Ugly Betty) to name a few.  This is very reminiscent of Will and Grace so while I would like to like this, not sure I will. Let's let you decide.  

Next up is The Mob Doctor on Fox following Bones. 'Matt Sorensen' from Friday Night lights caught my attention first but really there are quite a few faces in this one.  It's no House but with that no longer and option this might fill the void. I really didn't want to like this but based on this clip I think I might get drawn in.  

 Finally the last new show for Mondays is Revolution. The ONLY bad thing I can find to say about this one is they have made the mistake of putting it up against Castle and if you know me you know that will always come first!  There was only one face I recognized and even with that it is no one I would swoon to a show just because they are in it. However it is all about the 'grid' going down and that is such a big thing in this day and age.  I HIGHLY recommend Revolution based on this clip! 


Tuesday has quite a few additions beginning with Vegas on CBS at 10pm.  Seems interesting and has quite few familiar faces.  Set in the '60's when Vegas began.  Dennis Quaid rides rough to hold down crime. I should add it is inpired by a true story. Not really my thing but I can see it would have potential with the right person which probably means CBS is the perfect spot for it.  You be the judge.

Next up are Ben & Kate and The Mindy Project both on Fox following their established comedies Raising Hope and The New Girl respectively. Ben & Kate has potential.  I really see it more as a rom com movie than a weekly comedy but I will reserve judgement. 
The Mindy Project is where your favorite aggravating Indian from the Office has landed. This was actually one of the first clips I came across and I have to say I am not impressed.  I really like Mindy Kaling in general so I may give it a change.  I just have trouble seeing her as a doctor. 

NBC is also bringing two new comedies to Tuesday to round off their comedy block.  First Matthew Perry is back (again) in Go On.  Like most of his post Friends work it looks good, it would have to he is a funny guy but somehow he doesn't seem to have much luck.  Maybe this will be the one to make people forget he will always be remember as Chandler Bing! 

NBC's second new Tuesday comedy so far wins in my book for looking the most promising.  The New Normal has it all, racism, bigotry, homophobia and that is just out of the mouth of the grandmother!  The story is a touching one of two gay men hoping to find a surrogate to give them their dream of a baby which in turn makes them decide to help the surrogate achieve her dream of becoming a lawyer. 

Finally the last new offering for Tuesdays is Emily Owens, MD on the CW.  It will follow Hart of Dixie. Especially following a show as good as Hart of Dixie I am going to go ahead and call this one LAME.  I wouldn't be surprised if it isn't cut before Christmas.  Maybe it is better than the clip but based on this clip I have to say FAIL!!

So that takes us through Tuesday but since this is getting long I will start a new post for the rest of the week.  Hope you enjoyed this enough to come back!!!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Great speech session equals...


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Sunday, May 6, 2012

four words....


Thursday, May 3, 2012

time for a change

Well the time has finally come! I had to break down and change my saying at the top of my blog.  I am no longer cloth diapering (poos just got wayy too bad), he has officially stopped nursing as of I want to say April 25th or so and there is NO way on Earth I could begin to still wear that kid short of one of those back pack thingies.  

The best update would have to be that he is really sleeping so much better.  A couple of weeks ago he started having me rock him to sleep but he would sleep in his own bed for at least a few hours after that.  NOW, he puts up a little fight BUT he is going into his own bed under his own power at the same time his sissy goes!  OH and he is staying in his own bed almost every night until at least 5 am. 

Sleep for the win!!!!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A Banner week....

Baby Waffle is really growing up.  I never thought I would see the day but it seems we are finally leaving baby hood behind.  He has only nursed two times since last Saturday.  I really don't know how I feel about it.  I am so ready for this BUT then again it is still a sad time.  

Good news though now MAYBE I can lose some weight!!!!! 

Friday, April 20, 2012

Baby waffle

I am SOOO proud of that boy, his language seems to be exploding (finally) still needs serious help with articulation but it is a great improvement and he slept in his own last night...we might survive after all!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012


I am so proud of Baby Waffle. For the first time in probably a month we had a very successful speech therapy session! Even his therapist commented it was the most words she had ever heard him say. He has pretty much figured out consonant/vowel combos like me, bee, knee etc although he still may need some prompting at times. He has much more trouble when the vowel comes first so she is working a little more on that. Also we have noticed he is trying more to call daddy waffle daddy instead of guy like he has been doing and mom is moving more to mommy although much less clear than his mom is.

I also want to give him props for surviving the longest shopping trip today which ended with only a brief nap in the car. He never attempted to nurse once we got home which resulted with him not getting a full nap but he never tried and for the fourth night in a row he is sleeping in his own bed. I am spending a few nights in his room on the floor because he seems to wake around 2 am which wakes me, if he does that with me right here I can gently pat his tushy and he goes back to sleep.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Hunger Games, my opinion

So today I got paid back for watching my friends son several times by that friend watching my two so Daddy Waffle and I could have some time off.  We went to lunch at our favorite Mexican restaurant and then messed around for a bit going to a discount store and walking around before the movie.  

I am one who actually read the book before seeing the movie and I just thought I would put my two cents out there.  I LOVED it.  Was it the book to the letter? NO but it was close enough that I wouldn't complain at all.  That is my one big grip with all of the Harry Potter flicks, they are sooo different from the books, leaving out major plot points. But back to HG, I feel like it really helped that I had read the whole series before seeing this movie because I was really invested in the characters far before or even more than I would have been otherwise.  I actually teared up several times but for those who may not have seen it yet NO SPOILERS. Bottom line, go see it.  Even my usually grumpy gus hubby had to admit he liked it.  If that doesn't make you run out, NOTHING will.  

Thursday, April 12, 2012


My last post cant really have been BEFORE Thanksgiving?!? REALLY?  I am the worst blogger ever.  Alot has changed alot has stayed the same.  Over Thanksgiving I got Baby Waffle to wean at night but he still nursed first am and for his nap....we are working on that.  

He continues to receive speech therapy 30 minutes twice a week but we went to a new provider.  Our new therapist is an actual SLP and she is still trying to decide if he has Apraxia or if it is more an articulation problem.  Poor little Baby Waffle has had the brunt of the changes this year, we changed therapists, his preschool teacher quit, and we have moved.  I haven't mention that yet but yes we moved.  On the other hand, he seems to like the new therapist, his assistant teacher who has been there all year is now the main teacher and our new house is two doors from the old house so while he has had to adjust, it hasn't been that much adjusting, lol.  It has however let to some behavior issues.  Baby Waffle very much is his own man.  Things have to be done his way and he has to do things for himself.  He has made some process.  I was talking to his therapist today and we figure he now has between 25 and 50 words.  He still uses signs but he is asking for things when he can and at least trying to ask for the things he cant seem to say.  He is also saying some two and even three word phrases but usually it comes out as one long slurred together word, it is clear enough to figure out usually at least.  Other than speech, he seems to be doing ok.  He has made some buddies at his preschool and really enjoys independently playing with cars or anything he can make into a car.  He also loves our new back yard.  We finally have a fenced in yard with a sliding glass door right off of the kitchen and he likes to go in and out as he pleases. He is DEFINITELY and outside child.  

So then there is Little Waffle.  She is growing like a weed.  She loves to read and couldn't be more excited to have received the entire Little House on the Prairie book series from the Easter bunny.  She has lost 6 teeth and keeps telling us 3 more are loose.  Poor girl couldn't eat corn on the cob if she tried right now! She recently had a chance to be a model as she was part of an American Girl doll fashion show to help support the Child Advocacy Center in town.  She had a ball.  I will upload a bunch of pictures when I find the cord to my camera.  We are all moved in but some stuff has yet to surface.  

As far as school for Little Waffle, the chance to move came out of now where so we choose to take the month of March off of structured schooling so we could do some life lessons.  She learned about all the things involved in moving, packing, cleaning and the works.  

There isn't much new with the Big Waffles other than trying to recuperate from the move while trying to get the old house move out inspection ready after living in it almost 10 years!  Almost 10 years, isn't that crazy?  The new house really doesn't feel like home yet, I am sure that can be chalked up to being in the old house so long.  It is getting better though.  I will say as nice as it is to have the second tv back in a room we can get use out of it, I must say I totally miss suffering through his shows while just catching my stuff on my ipad.  We aren't spending enough time together, so I am going to have to stop hanging out in my office/classroom at I think I will do now.  

I am back now, so I promise blogs at least 3 times a week.  Maybe if I do more people will follow me which in turn would inspire me to write more....its such a vicious circle we wanna be bloggers live in!  
 Night to all!!!