Thursday, May 3, 2012

time for a change

Well the time has finally come! I had to break down and change my saying at the top of my blog.  I am no longer cloth diapering (poos just got wayy too bad), he has officially stopped nursing as of I want to say April 25th or so and there is NO way on Earth I could begin to still wear that kid short of one of those back pack thingies.  

The best update would have to be that he is really sleeping so much better.  A couple of weeks ago he started having me rock him to sleep but he would sleep in his own bed for at least a few hours after that.  NOW, he puts up a little fight BUT he is going into his own bed under his own power at the same time his sissy goes!  OH and he is staying in his own bed almost every night until at least 5 am. 

Sleep for the win!!!!

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