Friday, May 18, 2012

So you are back for more? Want to see more snipits?

Well you have come to the right place!  I am putting all the new previews in one place for YOUR viewing pleasure. My post for the offerings from Sunday to Tuesday can be found here.
This post will pick up with the new shows in order by day beginning on Wednesday.  

 The season's most peculiar new offering comes in the form of ABC's new comedy, The Neighbors with Jamie Gertz. LOVE Jamie Gertz and as much as I am a little ashamed to admit it LOVE this show.  So strange but oddly I couldn't turn away.  I can see this being my new guilty pleasure.  You move into a new neighborhood only to find out all the neighbors are aliens. They cry green slimy stuff from their ears!!! 

ABC will also bring a new drama to the 10pm slot called Nashville. Connie Britton, Powers Booth, Jonathan Jackson and Hayden Panettiere. A fading Nashville superstar is forced to team up with a teen sensation or face the loss of her tour and promotion of her latest records. 
It has a great cast so I would say this one has potential. Hey who isn't happy 'Lucky' is in something other than General Hospital? 

NBC brings two new comedies and a drama covering an area which in my opinion is usually VERY lacking FIREMEN!

First up is Animal Practice. NBC makes it easy to find all you could ever want to know about their new shows.  Find it all here. NBC Animal Practice with Justin Kirk.    Not really sure how I feel about this one, will probably give it a chance. It oddly makes me think of Scrubs if J.D. and the gang were treating animals. (but hey who didn't like Scrubs in the good old days?)

The second new comedy from NBC is Guys with Kids.  Three guys with guess what KIDS.  I didn't want to like this but I have to say, so far I do.  Tempest Bledsole is the wife of one of the guys and watching her reminds me of her days on the Cosby show.  Also, there is a laugh track. Oh I do miss laugh tracks! Too many comedies these days don't have them and I am actually a sucker for a laugh track.(For all the info you can possible want you can look it up at 

Finally from NBC on Wednesday will be Chicago Fire.  For you house fans here is your 'Chase' fix, Jesse Spencer leads the line up.  I honestly don't need anything more than that oh and of course the fire uniform.  

The last new offering on Wednesday is Arrow at 8 pm on the CW. We have kind of seen this done several different ways before but it has a hot guy with no shirt shooting a bow and arrow, so it can't be allll bad, right???


So that brings us to Thursday.  The first new offering for us to talk about is the Last Resort on ABC.  I am not going to begin to pretend that I get this one.  It is NOT in my wheelhouse.  A submarine full of military folks refuse to follow orders and blow up Pakistan so they end up having to take over some island and threaten to blow up the world.  Er ok not really seeing the tie in on the Thursday night line up but could be interesting and might give the men in our lives something to watch.  

CBS brings Elementary to the 10 pm time slot.  A twist on the old Sherlock Holmes just as we lose House (which for the record until last night I had no clue was loosely based on the aforementioned Holmes).  Anyway, this rendition finds Holmes in the US just out of rehab with his 'sober-coach' Joan Watson.  You be the judge on this one. 

Only two to go, are you hanging in there with me???
Lastly on Thursday the CW brings us an old classic redone, Beauty and the Beast.  A little darker, a little creepier and staring Kristen Keurk but at the end of the day it is the fairy tale you remember. 


Saturday has nothing new so FINALLY the last new show for the fall is from 


There might be a reason CBS is starting Made in Jersey on the death night for television.  A street-smart lawyer (Janet Montgomery) tries to compete at a fancy New York firm. Typical CBS fare. Kind of makes me think of My Cousin Vinny if the cousin was a girl, making a name for herself.  I didn't have any interest in this until I watched the clip.  I wouldn't break my neck to watch it but it does look interesting. 

Well for anyone who actually read through this, Thanks!  I enjoyed looking all the clips up and watching them.  I may try to review the summer shows that will soon be out to fill our television voids! Until then, toodles!!!

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