Saturday, September 15, 2012

It's time I started planning

 Hi World!  Sorry I haven't been around, I have been focused on my diet blog.  School kind of fell off the radar for awhile when Little Waffle ended up in the hospital and we found out she has diabetes (for anyone who reads this and didn't already know)  So now we are back on track school has started and we are going full swing.  I did opt to put Latin on the back burner until fall, we just have toooo much going on for right now.  

So what I have decided to do until I have more things to talk about is to start menu planning.  I keep saying I need to menu plan but since Little Waffle was diagnosed I have found it really is essential.  So here is my first stab at it.  I know most people do Menu Plan Monday but I don't know about anyone else around these parts we eat on Sunday too!  So my meal plans will actually be for two weeks from Sunday to Friday(the Saturday after pay day we generally end up getting food out or take out.)

Sunday 9/16  
filet of beef with potatoes 
in the crock pot

Monday 9/17

I have a season packet that I will put on a whole cut up chicken that you then roast in the provided bag with long grain rice

Tuesday 9/18
hamburger helper

Wednesday 9/19

Thursday 9/20
Easy Slow Cooker chicken 
( a recipe I found on a diabetic website) with some noodles

Friday 9/21 
tater tot casserole 

Saturday 9/22
grill out 

Sunday 9/23
Chuck roast steak in crock pot with potatoes

Monday 9/24
Chicken and dumplins in crock pot

Tuesday 9/25
beef stew 

Wednesday 9/26

Thursday 9/27
hamburger helper

Friday 9/28

These menus will hopefully improve after 10/5 when I can actually enjoy the food as well but in the meantime this is the best I have since I don't get to even eat!!!!