Saturday, February 26, 2011

why I LOVE the South!

I thought I would share a taste of this beautiful February day!!!!
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Friday, February 25, 2011

for those keeping track.....

a quick update on Baby Waffle stuff.  We got our appointment for the official speech evaluation, March 8th at 2:30 pm.  I hope that at that time we can have an official idea of what is going on and dive right into a plan of attach as soon as possible.  

I HATE being in limbo!!!

Quietly bawling...

I am sitting in my quiet living room surrounded by Little Waffle's morning mess with Baby Waffle snoring away in my lap. I decided to take this time to try to catch up in my blogs that I have let built up, over 200 I am afraid. Anyway, the one I read first is from another home school mom who suffered the worst of all tragedies last fall when a dresser fell on her small son and he died. Many of her posts since then have made me heart sick and yes many brought tears to my eyes but his birthday was this week, he should have been two. The family celebrated his short life in a way I don't think I could but in their tragedy I actually found a little peace. I was bawling for the loss they have to deal with but also for Baby Waffle's issues and that was when I realized it can no doubt be worse. So I dried my tears and managed to accomplish a minor miracle.....Baby Waffle is taking his nap in his VERY OWN BED. (For maybe the second time in 6 months!!!
Not to teach little waffle some phonics and math!!

edited to add, Baby Waffle lasted in his own bed for about 45 minutes but then slept another 1 plus in my bed.......well, it is a start anyway!
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Thursday, February 24, 2011

The price of gas today made me lose my happy thoughts....

I literally spit out a few words I have not heard out of my own mouth since prior to having children but I guess that is our new reality.  It sucks so bad but it doesn't seem like we will ever see the days of .99 gas EVER again!  (ok so make me feel old how many of my dear friends don't remember those days to begin with?-- no really it wasn't THAT long ago!!!) 

Then tonight Daddy Waffle came in and told me his friend wanted me to share some of my recent money saving discoveries with his wife.  I guess that is because on Sunday I went to Harris Teeter (our best local grocery store that I love dearly) I I came home with $75 worth of food and only paid $23 dollars.  I went BACK to Harris Teeter on Monday again picked up $75 of food and only paid $20.  It was my first experience really working with 'super' double coupons (or really making an effort with coupons at all) and I am no HOOKED.  Unfortunately that deal ended Tuesday but I have so many more things to share SOOOO I am going to make a new blog page for it.  It will MOSTLY be local deals for my area but as I figure out where people are I will try to include everyone. I am by NO means trying to claim to be a pro at this but I figure I might as well share what I can right! If anyone would like to suggest a name for the new page I am listening.  I just don't want to tie this page up as I am afraid I am going to have a lot of rambling to do in the near future as I learn more about what is going on with Baby Waffle.  
 Just to update the Baby Waffle situation, well basically there is nothing to update except that I am feeling more and more certain when I do finally get my appointment for his official speech evaluation with the speech pathologist we are going to hear that he has speech apraxia.  Which I think I explained in my last blog but since I am not certain I will explain it again to the best of my understanding, basically he knows WHAT he wants to say but his brain can't make his mouth understand how to say it.  If you are interested in more exact information it can be found at Apraxia kids . 
 I don't want to dwell on this too much at this time because like I said I am still waiting on an true diagnosis but all signs point in this direction and I would be lying if I said it wasn't just a little scary BUT for now that is why I am going to focus on finding all the deals there are to be found!  I HOPE to at least get our appointment for the eval tomorrow so one way or the other I will update here tomorrow and I HOPE to have a list of deals started by the morning as well.
So off you go, enjoy Grey's Anatomy (or whatever guilty pleasure you may have!) night all.... 

Monday, February 21, 2011

Baby Waffle's eval was today

So we went to the CDSA (Children's Developmental something agency) It's been a long day I just can't remember but it is a state run agency that will evaluate for all types of delays and set up referrals and plans of action and the like.  

Well the just of the results are that he scored ahead on everything EXCEPT expressive speech.  He is actually at a 0 to 1 month range for expressive speech (94% deficit)which leads the evaluators to think there maybe something causing him to not be able to make the words.  Something gets lost between the brain and his mouth.  They said he is VERY smart, just can't seem to find the words SO the next step is we are waiting for a call with information about his speech pathologist appointment where they will do an in depth speech eval and will be able to actually diagnose what is causing this and from there they will set up what ever other work we need to look into, the social worker in charge says 100% he will definitely need speech therapy but other than that I just don't know yet.  

The one good thing that comes of going through the agency is that it is based on income and we fall into the 'if your insurance wont pay, we pay so you don't have to' range.  

They did say he was one of the happiest little boys they had seen!  He actually scored highest on social/emotional.  

Well that is is for now.  I will keep everyone posted as I learn more.  

OH and in case you missed the update on his slightly shorter leg, we did see an ortho specialist last week and the doc seems to think he will grow out of it.  So it is a wait and see kind of thing until we go back in 4 months for a recheck and compare the xrays.  

So in the mean time, thanks for checking in and see ya later!!!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

just another day

take two, that first post was CRAZY.  I am not even sure what I was saying.  I was originally posting on my phone and Baby Waffle got his little hands in to the mix!

So I was saying I have been gone for a few but this time it wasn't lack of desire on my part, just got really busy!  School has been going really well and I just ordered some more curriculum tonight for Little Waffle.  We will be adding in First Language Lessons in a few weeks when we get a little further in our Phonics work.  Math, well I LOVE this math curriculum, Right Start.  We are going over things that many government school children will never see... she is even learning how to use an abacus.

We have also started to walk again now that the weather seems to be breaking.  Seeing all the birds outside today makes me feel safe to say SPRING IS ON IT'S WAY!!!!

oh, one last thing, I got more information on the Purex insiders that I got signed up for.  I will be receiving their new products to review and post about on my blog, so look for more information to come soon as they told us we will be getting something sent out in the next few weeks. 

Sunday, February 13, 2011

kassie, thank you thank you thank you!!!!

Baby waffle is loving his new tub toy!!!
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Friday, February 11, 2011

how we wait for appointments

Waiting for Little Waffles 6 yr well check...boy was the doc running behind....
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Thursday, February 10, 2011

baby Waffle from the inside!

Well one appointment down, with good results. It turns out the doc thinks he just has some natural bowing that is taking a little longer to grow out, which is something that happens sometimes.
Now in about a week and a half we have his hearing evaluation and see where we go with his lack of speech. In the mean time I have a ' lady' appt today and I am going to have him check all my levels to see if there is a reason I am so tired.
I am so tired today in fact that between the spots we have and me being so tired we have gotten NO school done. That is the beauty of homeschooling though. We are actually ahead for the week so it is ok we don't accomlish much today!
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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

[ice cream is the devil]

Today was a great day at our school. Little Waffle got so much work done. I am very proud of her. We managed two days worth of handwriting and math (more about math in a few)and one day of phonics. We are still runni.g a bit behind in history but I am not pushing that cause let's face it she is still young. We are trying to work on a lapbook about shells for science but I find myself a little creatively challanged and I am not sure I quite get how to do the lapbooks.
Back to math. I am really excited about math. We FINALLY got a curriculum to work with and so far I love it. We are starting at the beginning of Right Start math. It is very basic to the point I think we will finish book A very quickly but I wanted to start at the beginning so we learn the right methods.
My last point of interest from today is I am excited because I got picjedyo be a Purex Insider. I am not even sure what all it means yet but I feel like I have been acknowledged as a blogger!( corny I know but
Well I guess that is all for tonight. Ttfn
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Monday, February 7, 2011

tough day

Well for starters my little climbing monkey was at it again and pulled a stool down on his head. Up comes yet another goose egg!
Then I go to Harris Teeter where it turns out the have ice cream buy 2 get three FREE( I know I know like o need that much ice cream. ) apparently I didn't think I needed it either because I left two cartons in the store! Now I am home eating like a pig.
on the other hand we got back on track with school now that food the most part we are healthy and little Waffle got started in gymnastics. She was so excited and did really well for her first day.
Oh and just as an aside I sent my wii in for repairs so no weigh in until I get it back.
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Sunday, February 6, 2011

meltdown boy

Try to snap a shot of my little man smiling he will stop and pose....try too do it when he is upset and well you see......
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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

quickie update...

Cause someoone called me out for not weighing(you know who you are, lol) I am happy I did though because I am down 3.3 lbs! Also jam sending my wii in to be fixed. Woo hoo went it gets back I can FINALLY do my Jillian Michaels game!!
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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

my little water baby

Yay I am finally feeling better enough to post a little something! My little water baby LOVES running water. I tried to get a picture of his mad face when I turned the water off but we got this instead!
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