Thursday, February 24, 2011

The price of gas today made me lose my happy thoughts....

I literally spit out a few words I have not heard out of my own mouth since prior to having children but I guess that is our new reality.  It sucks so bad but it doesn't seem like we will ever see the days of .99 gas EVER again!  (ok so make me feel old how many of my dear friends don't remember those days to begin with?-- no really it wasn't THAT long ago!!!) 

Then tonight Daddy Waffle came in and told me his friend wanted me to share some of my recent money saving discoveries with his wife.  I guess that is because on Sunday I went to Harris Teeter (our best local grocery store that I love dearly) I I came home with $75 worth of food and only paid $23 dollars.  I went BACK to Harris Teeter on Monday again picked up $75 of food and only paid $20.  It was my first experience really working with 'super' double coupons (or really making an effort with coupons at all) and I am no HOOKED.  Unfortunately that deal ended Tuesday but I have so many more things to share SOOOO I am going to make a new blog page for it.  It will MOSTLY be local deals for my area but as I figure out where people are I will try to include everyone. I am by NO means trying to claim to be a pro at this but I figure I might as well share what I can right! If anyone would like to suggest a name for the new page I am listening.  I just don't want to tie this page up as I am afraid I am going to have a lot of rambling to do in the near future as I learn more about what is going on with Baby Waffle.  
 Just to update the Baby Waffle situation, well basically there is nothing to update except that I am feeling more and more certain when I do finally get my appointment for his official speech evaluation with the speech pathologist we are going to hear that he has speech apraxia.  Which I think I explained in my last blog but since I am not certain I will explain it again to the best of my understanding, basically he knows WHAT he wants to say but his brain can't make his mouth understand how to say it.  If you are interested in more exact information it can be found at Apraxia kids . 
 I don't want to dwell on this too much at this time because like I said I am still waiting on an true diagnosis but all signs point in this direction and I would be lying if I said it wasn't just a little scary BUT for now that is why I am going to focus on finding all the deals there are to be found!  I HOPE to at least get our appointment for the eval tomorrow so one way or the other I will update here tomorrow and I HOPE to have a list of deals started by the morning as well.
So off you go, enjoy Grey's Anatomy (or whatever guilty pleasure you may have!) night all.... 


  1. I was watching extreme couponing and this couple bought $1200 worth of food for like $52.. CRAZY! I SOOOOOO wish for deals like that and know that I could save some money using coupons but its sooo much harder in the commissary then at a place that has weekly adds and such because it is already discounted down and tax free they make it harder to use and abuse coupons.. and my military town doesn't have a good grocery store.. (walmart and thats it! =( ) but one day!!! I look forward to hearing all your advice!!!

    I also really hope and pray that baby waffle is just being stubborn and that everything is fine with him!!! but even if not I'm here for ya!!

  2. oh and i don't remember gas EVER being 99 cents...