Monday, February 21, 2011

Baby Waffle's eval was today

So we went to the CDSA (Children's Developmental something agency) It's been a long day I just can't remember but it is a state run agency that will evaluate for all types of delays and set up referrals and plans of action and the like.  

Well the just of the results are that he scored ahead on everything EXCEPT expressive speech.  He is actually at a 0 to 1 month range for expressive speech (94% deficit)which leads the evaluators to think there maybe something causing him to not be able to make the words.  Something gets lost between the brain and his mouth.  They said he is VERY smart, just can't seem to find the words SO the next step is we are waiting for a call with information about his speech pathologist appointment where they will do an in depth speech eval and will be able to actually diagnose what is causing this and from there they will set up what ever other work we need to look into, the social worker in charge says 100% he will definitely need speech therapy but other than that I just don't know yet.  

The one good thing that comes of going through the agency is that it is based on income and we fall into the 'if your insurance wont pay, we pay so you don't have to' range.  

They did say he was one of the happiest little boys they had seen!  He actually scored highest on social/emotional.  

Well that is is for now.  I will keep everyone posted as I learn more.  

OH and in case you missed the update on his slightly shorter leg, we did see an ortho specialist last week and the doc seems to think he will grow out of it.  So it is a wait and see kind of thing until we go back in 4 months for a recheck and compare the xrays.  

So in the mean time, thanks for checking in and see ya later!!!

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