Wednesday, February 16, 2011

just another day

take two, that first post was CRAZY.  I am not even sure what I was saying.  I was originally posting on my phone and Baby Waffle got his little hands in to the mix!

So I was saying I have been gone for a few but this time it wasn't lack of desire on my part, just got really busy!  School has been going really well and I just ordered some more curriculum tonight for Little Waffle.  We will be adding in First Language Lessons in a few weeks when we get a little further in our Phonics work.  Math, well I LOVE this math curriculum, Right Start.  We are going over things that many government school children will never see... she is even learning how to use an abacus.

We have also started to walk again now that the weather seems to be breaking.  Seeing all the birds outside today makes me feel safe to say SPRING IS ON IT'S WAY!!!!

oh, one last thing, I got more information on the Purex insiders that I got signed up for.  I will be receiving their new products to review and post about on my blog, so look for more information to come soon as they told us we will be getting something sent out in the next few weeks. 


  1. sorry, I was posting on my phone and Colin got me! lol I am back to re post this one.