Friday, February 25, 2011

Quietly bawling...

I am sitting in my quiet living room surrounded by Little Waffle's morning mess with Baby Waffle snoring away in my lap. I decided to take this time to try to catch up in my blogs that I have let built up, over 200 I am afraid. Anyway, the one I read first is from another home school mom who suffered the worst of all tragedies last fall when a dresser fell on her small son and he died. Many of her posts since then have made me heart sick and yes many brought tears to my eyes but his birthday was this week, he should have been two. The family celebrated his short life in a way I don't think I could but in their tragedy I actually found a little peace. I was bawling for the loss they have to deal with but also for Baby Waffle's issues and that was when I realized it can no doubt be worse. So I dried my tears and managed to accomplish a minor miracle.....Baby Waffle is taking his nap in his VERY OWN BED. (For maybe the second time in 6 months!!!
Not to teach little waffle some phonics and math!!

edited to add, Baby Waffle lasted in his own bed for about 45 minutes but then slept another 1 plus in my bed.......well, it is a start anyway!
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