Tuesday, February 8, 2011

[ice cream is the devil]

Today was a great day at our school. Little Waffle got so much work done. I am very proud of her. We managed two days worth of handwriting and math (more about math in a few)and one day of phonics. We are still runni.g a bit behind in history but I am not pushing that cause let's face it she is still young. We are trying to work on a lapbook about shells for science but I find myself a little creatively challanged and I am not sure I quite get how to do the lapbooks.
Back to math. I am really excited about math. We FINALLY got a curriculum to work with and so far I love it. We are starting at the beginning of Right Start math. It is very basic to the point I think we will finish book A very quickly but I wanted to start at the beginning so we learn the right methods.
My last point of interest from today is I am excited because I got picjedyo be a Purex Insider. I am not even sure what all it means yet but I feel like I have been acknowledged as a blogger!( corny I know but still...lol)
Well I guess that is all for tonight. Ttfn
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  1. what does a purex insider do? .. i'm so excited to hear the details!!!

    and i'm glad math is going so well for you =)

  2. *posting on your fb too*

    I finally remembered to tel you about that great lapbooking site I was given! LOADS of info and links :) http://www.squidoo.com/lapbooking