Sunday, July 31, 2011

Seriously how does time slip away so quickly??

I swear I thought I just posted a day ago and her it is August 1 st now! Well I guess I haven't posted more because we have been on a wee hits and there hasnt been much to say! Little Waffle had a big adventure today though, I will come back at a more decent hour and post all the details though. In the mean time I am going to sleep in the recliner because between daddy waffle and BABy waffle there is no room in the in!!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


So speeh therapist just left. They had a really great session. However what I am concerned about is that the therapist brings with her a paper I guess maybe the page from his file that has the goals and such. Anyway of course itwas right there so I was curious and looked it over. There is a place to mark potential for (I think it said) recovery with circles to choose good, fair or poor. I am worried because they only think he has a fair chance. WHAT DOES THAT EVEN MEAN????
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Trying something new..

So I haven't been neglecting you, my dear blog that so few read(but those few that I love and totally appreciate!). It isn't that I have forgotten there just has seriously been nothing to talk about! We have slacked much more than I would like on school work so nothing to talk about there but we haven't really done anything so nothing to say there....

Today however we are getting back on track! Actually we started yesterday easing back into school work. We got through all of language arts but didn't quite get to math, history or science because we had to leave the house for a bit. today we are going to touch on a little of everything. I am going to combine science with some art by doing a wax melt project I found on twitter. If it works I will post pictures and explain in a detail how it was done!

In the meantime the new thing we have implemented is no tv in the morning. Usually, Little Waffle is awake before Baby Waffle and me. And she will turn on the tv and occupy herself until we are up and moving. I told her starting today however no tv she is to use this time to do some fun reading. It has worked out well so far especially since we woke up before her. I have to say it is a little tooo quiet in here for me. We are so trained for that mind numbing background noise!

So basically she is to read until breakfast is ready then after we eat we will start school until Dinosaur train. That is her fav show so I promised if she cooperates she may watch that. If we happen to finish school for the day by then she may watch a little more after, if not tv goes back off until we are done. In the long run it is my goal to have the tv off all day, these kids have gotten so they don't do anything if it is on, at least I can multitask!!!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Productive day!

Today has been a good day. Baby waffle has spit out quite a few words and pretty clearly too. I have heard him say many words but many of them, especially with the hard c starting sound still seem to come out strangely. It is almost like he is gagging on the sound. Two other things I have noted are that it seems when he tries to say yeah or any form of that like ya yes whatever, he will nod his head and his jaw kind of pumps up and down but no sound ever comes out and although he will say many words on request he rarely says anything spontaneously, even after all this time....don't know if that is typical of speech delays or something I should still be keeping my eye on. I am happy to see some new words so I am a little less convinced it is apraxia but yet it still strikes me as more than a typical delay(yeah I know we all think our kids aren't 'typical' even if it is for something like this, lol).

Oh and the one other thing, OF COURSE when I brought up the oddness with the hard c sounds and the chin thing with the yes/yeah stuff he wouldn't do any of it in front of his speech therapist!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Independence Day

So ironic, I didn't even realize it at the time I started typing it but this is in fact the Fourth of July weekend-Independence DayI find it ironic because I was going to type about how independent Baby Waffle has become in the water anyway.  He is SOOOO in love with the water.  We went to a cook out today at my sister-in-law's house.  She has a really nice in ground pool.  Baby Waffle made a b line right to the ladder.  I had to fight with him to eat first but then we all headed in.  It didn't take long until he was doing a little war cry and jumping in the side and then NEXT thing you know he was JUMPING OFF THE DIVING BOARD!  Sure he wasn't diving, wasn't doing cannonball into the deep end, but he was jumping in right into Daddy waffle's arms!  

Baby Waffle is such a cutie!  I would post pictures but I had to give my memory card back to my in laws to let them get their pictures off, will add some later.  

science wednesday

We started this project around June 15 but I wanted to wait for some progress before I posted anything.  

I found this kit from miracle gro on clearance at Walmart.  It is three little pots to plant tomatoes, cucumbers and sweet peppers.  

So for 'Science Wednesday' we took class outside and got to work planting.  I am really not sure why the kits were on sale, I only paid $5 for it, because so far it is working out pretty well.  The last we measured the cucumbers are about ready to be replanted and the other two wont be far behind!  Here are a few pictures of Little Waffle in action!!!

 Finally, we had some sunflower seeds that we had been growing that we needed to put in a bigger pot.  

Saturday, July 2, 2011

My hubby is a murderer....

well maybe it should be called accidental bird-slaughter.  My parents have(had) three pretty big chestnut trees, they were close to 40 years old.  It was a shame but my parents were having trouble maintaining them and keeping up with picking up the nuts and hulls so they wanted my husband to cut them down.  (If you aren't familiar, chestnuts-yes, like the ones you roast over an open fire at Christmas time- grow in this really painful pointy/pokey hull, like a giant sanspur. They are really painful to step on!  So anyway my husband went over with his trusty chainsaw and started cutting.  We hauled a TON of sticks to the curb (my abs are already back talking me from picking up the heavy trunk sections!) After the first two trees we cut and hauld uneventfully, Baby Waffle was ready to come home and go to we went. 

Daddy Waffle comes home a bit later and tells me of the drama I missed out on.  Apparently in the third, yet smallest, tree there was a nest.  Daddy waffle checked the nest and saw it was old so he proceeded to cut.  As the tree fell and slammed the ground Daddy Waffle said he was wondering why the Momma bird in a different tree was being so vocal and freaking out on him.  Then he looked down and saw there must have been a second next which the tree fell on!  One of the birds was smashed the other they have attempted to save.  They picked up the nest put it in a nearby bush and gingerly put the baby birdie into it.  Hopefully the momma wont reject it now.  If the baby is still in the nest tomorrow I am going to try to take some pictures of it.