Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Trying something new..

So I haven't been neglecting you, my dear blog that so few read(but those few that I love and totally appreciate!). It isn't that I have forgotten there just has seriously been nothing to talk about! We have slacked much more than I would like on school work so nothing to talk about there but we haven't really done anything so nothing to say there....

Today however we are getting back on track! Actually we started yesterday easing back into school work. We got through all of language arts but didn't quite get to math, history or science because we had to leave the house for a bit. today we are going to touch on a little of everything. I am going to combine science with some art by doing a wax melt project I found on twitter. If it works I will post pictures and explain in a detail how it was done!

In the meantime the new thing we have implemented is no tv in the morning. Usually, Little Waffle is awake before Baby Waffle and me. And she will turn on the tv and occupy herself until we are up and moving. I told her starting today however no tv she is to use this time to do some fun reading. It has worked out well so far especially since we woke up before her. I have to say it is a little tooo quiet in here for me. We are so trained for that mind numbing background noise!

So basically she is to read until breakfast is ready then after we eat we will start school until Dinosaur train. That is her fav show so I promised if she cooperates she may watch that. If we happen to finish school for the day by then she may watch a little more after, if not tv goes back off until we are done. In the long run it is my goal to have the tv off all day, these kids have gotten so they don't do anything if it is on, at least I can multitask!!!

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