Thursday, July 7, 2011

Productive day!

Today has been a good day. Baby waffle has spit out quite a few words and pretty clearly too. I have heard him say many words but many of them, especially with the hard c starting sound still seem to come out strangely. It is almost like he is gagging on the sound. Two other things I have noted are that it seems when he tries to say yeah or any form of that like ya yes whatever, he will nod his head and his jaw kind of pumps up and down but no sound ever comes out and although he will say many words on request he rarely says anything spontaneously, even after all this time....don't know if that is typical of speech delays or something I should still be keeping my eye on. I am happy to see some new words so I am a little less convinced it is apraxia but yet it still strikes me as more than a typical delay(yeah I know we all think our kids aren't 'typical' even if it is for something like this, lol).

Oh and the one other thing, OF COURSE when I brought up the oddness with the hard c sounds and the chin thing with the yes/yeah stuff he wouldn't do any of it in front of his speech therapist!

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