Saturday, July 2, 2011

My hubby is a murderer....

well maybe it should be called accidental bird-slaughter.  My parents have(had) three pretty big chestnut trees, they were close to 40 years old.  It was a shame but my parents were having trouble maintaining them and keeping up with picking up the nuts and hulls so they wanted my husband to cut them down.  (If you aren't familiar, chestnuts-yes, like the ones you roast over an open fire at Christmas time- grow in this really painful pointy/pokey hull, like a giant sanspur. They are really painful to step on!  So anyway my husband went over with his trusty chainsaw and started cutting.  We hauled a TON of sticks to the curb (my abs are already back talking me from picking up the heavy trunk sections!) After the first two trees we cut and hauld uneventfully, Baby Waffle was ready to come home and go to we went. 

Daddy Waffle comes home a bit later and tells me of the drama I missed out on.  Apparently in the third, yet smallest, tree there was a nest.  Daddy waffle checked the nest and saw it was old so he proceeded to cut.  As the tree fell and slammed the ground Daddy Waffle said he was wondering why the Momma bird in a different tree was being so vocal and freaking out on him.  Then he looked down and saw there must have been a second next which the tree fell on!  One of the birds was smashed the other they have attempted to save.  They picked up the nest put it in a nearby bush and gingerly put the baby birdie into it.  Hopefully the momma wont reject it now.  If the baby is still in the nest tomorrow I am going to try to take some pictures of it. 

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