Thursday, June 30, 2011

this week in speech...

So we have seen he new therapist twice. I think it is going very well. She seems to have a personality better suited to working with children. So fingers crossed we will make some progress now....
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  1. HI CL! Love your blog... We are going to call Early Intervention next week. Raf has great receptive language but his expressive language is still really lagging. In fact he's stopped saying a few things - though I am not overly worried it would be good to get someone's opinion.

    WHat's different about this new speech therapist?

  2. The best way I can explain it is you know how some people are just naturally bubbly and when a child does something good they can cheer and applaud and it just seems natural but with other people it just seems not so much fake but just like they are trying really hard to seem natural. The new one is the former, she just is very bubbly and natural. The other one was very nice and Colin loved her but she just seemed a little lacking in that department. Also, since she is just an assistant I just didn't feel good about her ability to identify if it does turn out to be more than just a normal 'delay'. I still think it may be apraxia but the thing is when she relayed that fear to the SLP in charge the SLP came back to me and said that the woman working with us told her I had a fear it was something in the Autism spectrum. Now I don't know where the wire got crossed but my first thought was if she doesn't know the difference.... you know?
    I don't think the new one is an SLP either but she is much more informed than the other one. She has also worked with my friends daughter and nephew so I know she has proven results.

    BTW I am sure Raf is fine, I know a lot of times they may lose words when they are learning new ones but I totally recommend calling early intervention. Worst case they will call you crazy for ever worrying! ;0)