Wednesday, June 1, 2011

since I have been nagged (SAM) ;0)

A quick update and I promise to post more tomorrow.  

We have now made it a week and we are definitely bink FREE!  I threw them all away last Wednesday and we really had no problems.  At one point I had to take him over and physically show him where we used to stash them and the fact that no they weren't there anymore and that was it.  He seemed to accept it! Baby Waffle rocks!!!

Oh and on another note, we have had one speech visit since my last post and I am happy to say that the assistant that works with us does seem to be taking a little different approach to working with him after the SLP saw us last week.  While she was here Tuesday Baby Waffle took me by the hand over to the closet and pointed to the cups.  I asked him did he want a drink and he said drink.  Then he said it again for our speech worker. 

Also while we were at a play date Saturday, he was giving some lunch or something and he not only signed thank you but while he was signing he SAID thank you.  I wasn't the only one that heard it either.  That actually is part of my frustration though, I know he can at times get things out but it is SO rare.  I do see a little hope though so there is something.  I am also starting to make some tot work for him to do that I got partially from his SLP but also from Tot School.  
The downloads and printables on that site are amazing! 

Well that is enough since this was only going to be a quick update.  I will be back tomorrow, promise!!!

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  1. YAY for nagging :D Glad to hear how he's coming along with his speech! I understand it's frustrating though with how infrequent he spits out the words. Hang in there!