Thursday, June 23, 2011

our camping trip

Sorry this got a little delayed ( I know big surprise)  I really am trying to be better but Baby Waffle really challenges my time.  

So, a couple of weekends ago we went to the beach and camped at Huntington Beach State park in South Carolina.  It is really a great camp area which also has lots of nature exhibits to explore.  Unfortunately the only camera I had at the time was my phone so some of the pictures aren't great but I want to share anyway.  

When you first enter the park you have to cross a causeway and to the right of your car you have to look sharp because there is a lake with actual gators!  Little Waffle enjoys counting to see how many she can find.  If you are lucky you get to see the whole critter, one time we rode by I saw one of the guys actually doing that death roll thing they do, but generally you have to look closely to see the eyes.  We never had a chance to stop to get any pictures of this part though, sorry.  
After setting up camp we went down to the ocean and hung out for a bit but then went back to camp and cleaned up.  While Daddy and Baby Waffle got showered and started the fire, Little Waffle and I along with our borrowed teen walked over to the walking causeway to see what we could see.  The gators are kept on the other side so no close ups of them.  We did get to see lots of other little critters, fiddler crabs, minnerds (as Little Waffle called them) some clams, oysters and other aquatic life.  They actually recycle oyster shells in this area to help keep the oyster bed going.  We walked the whole thing and then went back for some campfire time...dinner, marshmallows and bed. 

The next day we started with a visit to the Education Center.  They do live feedings of the aquatic life and have a 'touch tank' with a sting ray that will actually come to the side for you to pet.  The kids didn't want to leave!

baby gator
 Just after this the worker came and feed the creatures.  The ray eats shrimp and clams.  There was a fish (can't remember what kind) who also at this.  She would drop the food for them to pick up. She then had to hand feed the horseshoe crab who ate the shrimp. 
"I am king of the world!"

 After that we did actually spend the rest of the day down at the beach.  Baby Waffle LOVES the ocean (of course, he is my boy!) The tide had calmed down (it was rough the first day) and we all just had a ball.  I am of course in NO pictures, not going to get one either not in my suit!  

I LOVE this picture!

there were more steaks, Daddy Waffle just has to have his burnt
 We were really beat after spending the day in the sun and waves but decided to really go all out for dinner.  We got steaks, corn on the cob and baked beans ALL cooked on the open fire.  Even after Daddy Waffle accidentally dropped my steak in the cinders, I would have to say it was one of the best meals I have had in a while! 

 I have to give out big thanks to the borrowed teen, after dinner we left her at the tent with the littles and Mommy and Daddy Waffle actually got to have a moonlight stroll on the beach ALONE! It was soooo nice!

So anyway, that is basically our adventure.  It was starting to get really hot by the next day so we got up, broke camp and headed on home.  I just have to close with this one last picture.... kind of says it all.

love that belly!

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  1. *cry* the pics aren't there!!!

  2. my mother said they didn't show for her either. When I pulled the blog up on my phone they are there but not just now when I pulled this up. I will have to try to fix it. sorry