Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day

First and foremost I want to take a minute to thank all of the great people who have fought to give us our freedoms especially those which gave the ultimate sacrifice.  Also those families who have to sacrifice all the time to support those men and women(which from my last post you can see I totally see first hand!)

We had a pretty great day today, some good friends came over for a cook out and we let the Little's play in the sprinkler in the front yard.  Even Baby Waffle got in on the fun.  I have pictures I will up load tomorrow but I just wanted to check in for tonight. 

Baby Waffle has mastered my front porch steps, walking will NOT be far behind!

Good night all, gotta go buy a bday gift tomorrow and get some workout in but I will get the pictures posted at some point. 

No more negative nelly!


Friday, May 28, 2010

a rough end to a couple of great days

So the home school conference was this weekend and I had a great time THERE the rest of it not so much.  Baby Waffle was not so happy in the strange surroundings of the hotel and was up all night screaming so we cut our trip short and came home after the second day of workshops.  I don't feel like I missed much though so it is ok.

The book fair was amazing but SO overwhelming.  I do feel like I came away with a better understanding of curriculum though which was my biggest concern going into things.  I now know what we will be doing for history, reading, handwriting and science in the fall.  Really all I have left to figure out is math but I have time so that isn't really stressing me at the moment.  I was very taken in by the lap book idea and purchased a couple to try out and see how Little Waffle does with them.  She was really fascinated with the one at the booth and since she really loves artsy things I think she will really enjoy that style of learning.  We have one on seashells that I thought we would work on over the summer and maybe combine it with some beach trips to try to find the types of shells she learns about in the lap book.  (any excuse to go to the beach.  Baby waffle is almost a year and has never been to the ocean, totally unacceptable!)

So all that said, great trip, big success.  Nice ride home with both little Waffles sleeping almost the whole car ride home.  Bedtimes got pushed back because of the car ride, no biggie have nowhere to go tomorrow but both littles are asleep in their own beds (a big miracle for Baby Waffle) but then I get on the wonderful facebook and find out the worst has happened.  I knew it was coming I live in a military town and my best buddies inevitably end up being sent away but I don't have to like it.  I fought it and fought it but it turns out Uncle Sam always gets his way.  Little Waffle is going to be crushed.  Her self proclaimed BFF is being sent to Kansas.... sooner rather than later I am sure  I love her and her whole family and since I am not military and I don't move often the number of people I really get close to is much smaller so when I lose a friend it really hurts!  What bugs me the most is that this is now the SECOND really good friend of Little Waffle that has been sent to Kansas in her short 5 1/2 years..... why do they all get sent to Kansas!!!  (actually second really good friend third total! what's up with Kansas???)  I know my friend isn't thrilled with having to move her whole family but it will mean more time with daddy home so in the long run, it isn't about me and I should get over myself.
I was born here with NO military connection, it is really hard but I guess I have whined enough, I know there is no fighting it, it is the curse of being in a military town. 

I guess I will go to bed and just hope Little Waffle can get a little time with her BFF before they go.


Sunday, May 23, 2010

busy week

It seems to have been a super busy week which has kept me away even though I hope to keep this a little more regular.  As much as I hate to say it tv is a big part of my life and has kept me busy.  I really hope to wean myself away from the boob tube in hopes of being a better example to the wee waffles! Now that Lost is behind me that might actually be a possibility!

Besides tv, it is in general a busy month.  Little waffle is wrapping up her year at preschool and it seems there is some event at least twice a week.  She had a field day at the part on Friday and the Grandma and I took the wee's to a food and agro expo about 45 mins away.  Can I just say I have NEVER seen so many types of BBQ sauce.  We had a really great time and I think that is something we should consider doing yearly.  All the fun of a State Fair but it is FREE.  My FAVORITE type of entertainment!!!

So now we look to the week ahead.  Little Waffle has three days left until she is an official home schooled student.  I think we are both excited about the adventure but we will have to see how long that lasts.  We will be heading out Thursday to the state home school conference which I think will actually help fuel the excitement and I am really getting excited.  It would be nice if finances weren't quite so tight but the Lord provides so we will just have to believe that is true!

Well, heading to bed in a few minutes, we are trying something new with baby Waffle.  He has been sleeping in the bed with us but he is a very antsy sleeper so we decided to put up Little Waffle's old crib next to the bed like a co-sleeper and see how that works.  He is in there now, wish me luck!

Well, I am out of here,

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Thunderstorms, planning fun and seasons ending


We had a horrible storm blow through tonight.  From the special news report on TV a possible tornado was headed right for us.  My wonderful husband decided that would be a great reason to torment Little Waffle!  She is already afraid of thunder and I don't know what he was saying but she was running through the house to me bawling!  She ended up having to go to sleep in my bed.  Men, they just don't get it!!!  The last laugh is on him though, she is in his spot in the bed.  Guess he will be in her bed tonight!!! lol

Planning Fun

I have a great group of moms I have been with since pretty much I found out I was pregnant with Baby Waffle, we met on a message board and have all pretty much kept in touch through there and Face book.  Well one group just had a  meet up in Chicago which was just too far for us but now another group of us are looking at a get together much closer to where we live, I can't wait.  I think we are going to have a ball!

Season's ending

I can't believe that this time next week there will only be 40 mins left to the BEST show on tv, LOST.  In a way I am glad because I have decided when this season of tv is all ended we are going to make some major changes in our tv habits.  Little Waffle will be out of school as of the end of May and we are going to have a short session of class before she is fully released for summer.  Our first 'semester' of home school lessons will be handwriting and reading.  I hope to have her able to read at least beginning readers by June 30th, she can already sound out words so this isn't a huge stretch.  Once we can accomplish this we will be spending more time reading and a LOT less time watching the boob tube.  (If you know me, you would know how big this is!)

Well I think that is enough for now, I have more than made up for missing a couple of days.

Friday, May 14, 2010

I guess I will sleep when I am dead...

Between Baby Waffle waking up at all hours of the night and then Little Waffle waking up for the day at the crack of dawn I am EXHAUSTED!  Oh well, time for a shower, today is a great day for Little Waffle.  She is graduating from preschool. (mentioned that last night I think...)  I am preparing for it now, I hear I am going to cry.  I can't believe my little girl is growing up.  I am also excited though because this will mark the beginning of our journey into home schooling.  We are going to a home school conference at the end of the month and I can't wait.  I am going to try to get our curriculum figured out at the book fair. yippee. 

Well...let me get moving before we are all late!!!!


Thursday, May 13, 2010

beginnig of the end

The end of 'actual' school for the little Waffles that is.  Little Waffle graduates from Pre school tomorrow!  She actually has a couple of weeks left but they are combining the 'graduation' with the end of the year performance so tomorrow it is! 

Will post pictures soon.  Night world.


Tuesday, May 11, 2010

under construction

Day two on my blog, just wanted to say I am still getting the hang of this but I think I am going to stick with blogger so stay tuned.

Really the only thing going on right now is my daily workout with Stroller strides and my on going battle with Verizon waiting for them to replace my phone (which is under warranty)  I went into a local store 11 days ago but didn't find out until I called into customer service today that the store never put my order in.  ARGGGGGHHHHH good thing I have been enjoying the lack of contact!

Guess that is it for today... Oh except if you live near an Earth Fare store you should check out this site.  They are hosting an exciting giveaway to celebrate the beginning of  One person will win a $20 Earth Fare gift card along with Earth Fare’s Spring Savings Booklet!  This giveaway will be open to entries all week long and will conclude on Tuesday, May 18th. 

Good luck!!! And I will be back soon...


Thoughts from my rambling mind...

Thoughts from my rambling mind...

I wanted to start this blog so I could keep people updated on my life and my family as I begin my journey into homeschooling while also trying to become more educated in the finer points of nutritious eating. My primary goal right now is to eliminate processed foods by making as much of my food as I can.
But I digress, as the title says, I sometimes do ramble, so to introduce the family. I am Mama Waffle (40), I am a home schooling, breast feeding, cloth diapering, baby wearing, attachment parenting mama of 2. My hubby is Daddy Waffle (42) is in law enforcement and he gave me two ’step waffles’ that I wont probably talk about too much as they are 18 and 20 and about to leave for the armed forces. Then together we have ‘little Waffle’ my wonderful daughter who is 5 and too smart for words and ‘baby waffle’ my wild son who is 9.5 months old and already has trouble in his eyes!
My daughter is finishing up preschool this month and then we will be jumping head first into homeschooling. I am currently trying to work out exactly what curriculum and all the other finer points but we wont really be starting until September so I have time. I am very excited because we will be attending our very first home school conference in a couple of weeks. I am very much looking forward to making new friends from the home school community as well as shopping the book fair (lets face it, the shipping is a HUGE draw!)
Well, I was going to talk about my current projects but I think I have go on enough for one night. Baby Waffle is fighting sleep and frankly I am ready for bed.

*note:I am currently trying to move from my original blog so just deal for a bit... ;0)