Friday, May 28, 2010

a rough end to a couple of great days

So the home school conference was this weekend and I had a great time THERE the rest of it not so much.  Baby Waffle was not so happy in the strange surroundings of the hotel and was up all night screaming so we cut our trip short and came home after the second day of workshops.  I don't feel like I missed much though so it is ok.

The book fair was amazing but SO overwhelming.  I do feel like I came away with a better understanding of curriculum though which was my biggest concern going into things.  I now know what we will be doing for history, reading, handwriting and science in the fall.  Really all I have left to figure out is math but I have time so that isn't really stressing me at the moment.  I was very taken in by the lap book idea and purchased a couple to try out and see how Little Waffle does with them.  She was really fascinated with the one at the booth and since she really loves artsy things I think she will really enjoy that style of learning.  We have one on seashells that I thought we would work on over the summer and maybe combine it with some beach trips to try to find the types of shells she learns about in the lap book.  (any excuse to go to the beach.  Baby waffle is almost a year and has never been to the ocean, totally unacceptable!)

So all that said, great trip, big success.  Nice ride home with both little Waffles sleeping almost the whole car ride home.  Bedtimes got pushed back because of the car ride, no biggie have nowhere to go tomorrow but both littles are asleep in their own beds (a big miracle for Baby Waffle) but then I get on the wonderful facebook and find out the worst has happened.  I knew it was coming I live in a military town and my best buddies inevitably end up being sent away but I don't have to like it.  I fought it and fought it but it turns out Uncle Sam always gets his way.  Little Waffle is going to be crushed.  Her self proclaimed BFF is being sent to Kansas.... sooner rather than later I am sure  I love her and her whole family and since I am not military and I don't move often the number of people I really get close to is much smaller so when I lose a friend it really hurts!  What bugs me the most is that this is now the SECOND really good friend of Little Waffle that has been sent to Kansas in her short 5 1/2 years..... why do they all get sent to Kansas!!!  (actually second really good friend third total! what's up with Kansas???)  I know my friend isn't thrilled with having to move her whole family but it will mean more time with daddy home so in the long run, it isn't about me and I should get over myself.
I was born here with NO military connection, it is really hard but I guess I have whined enough, I know there is no fighting it, it is the curse of being in a military town. 

I guess I will go to bed and just hope Little Waffle can get a little time with her BFF before they go.


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