Sunday, May 16, 2010

Thunderstorms, planning fun and seasons ending


We had a horrible storm blow through tonight.  From the special news report on TV a possible tornado was headed right for us.  My wonderful husband decided that would be a great reason to torment Little Waffle!  She is already afraid of thunder and I don't know what he was saying but she was running through the house to me bawling!  She ended up having to go to sleep in my bed.  Men, they just don't get it!!!  The last laugh is on him though, she is in his spot in the bed.  Guess he will be in her bed tonight!!! lol

Planning Fun

I have a great group of moms I have been with since pretty much I found out I was pregnant with Baby Waffle, we met on a message board and have all pretty much kept in touch through there and Face book.  Well one group just had a  meet up in Chicago which was just too far for us but now another group of us are looking at a get together much closer to where we live, I can't wait.  I think we are going to have a ball!

Season's ending

I can't believe that this time next week there will only be 40 mins left to the BEST show on tv, LOST.  In a way I am glad because I have decided when this season of tv is all ended we are going to make some major changes in our tv habits.  Little Waffle will be out of school as of the end of May and we are going to have a short session of class before she is fully released for summer.  Our first 'semester' of home school lessons will be handwriting and reading.  I hope to have her able to read at least beginning readers by June 30th, she can already sound out words so this isn't a huge stretch.  Once we can accomplish this we will be spending more time reading and a LOT less time watching the boob tube.  (If you know me, you would know how big this is!)

Well I think that is enough for now, I have more than made up for missing a couple of days.

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