Saturday, June 30, 2012

a little summer break

I have not forgotten this wonderful blog, I have just been more focused on my weight loss blog and not to mention Carolina Classical Academy (our home school) is officially on summer break.  We are taking the month of July off and will start with Little Waffle's grade 2 year in August.  I am taking this month to do lesson planning and to figure exactly where we want to go this school year.  

As soon as I figure it all out, I will come share with the world what we will be studying.  

On a Baby Waffle note, I am in a very frustrated place with his speech situation.  The state agency that has been helping us with his speech has a strict policy that he must receive his services in the 'least restrictive environment' which for us means in our house.  However everyone fully agrees this is NOT working for him.  Well I have found out that other people who have insurance that helps with the cost have been seen in the office.  Now it turns out since switching agencies we have to cover part of the cost.  I am not upset at having to pay a part however if I am paying WHY can we not go to the clinic first of all and secondly WHY did I get a bill for FIVE months of services at ONE time.  I have put a call into the agency to look into these issues but in the mean time I am taking my search elsewhere.  I live within 45 minutes of two of the best University hospitals in the country, to be sure there is some sort of program that will help us really get some where with his problems! 

Sunday, June 17, 2012

some people think of no one but themselves!

I try really hard to travel the high road, I really do but sometimes it is nearly impossible to hold my tongue and this is one of those times.  

I am not going to go into details because I am trying to be a better person but let me just say, dumping your kid with out the first clue what he was going to do for a place to stay or a way to get home just so you could run off on a honeymoon is about the lowest most disgusting level of scum I can think of and I THINK comes really close to disqualifying you as a mom at all. 

That is all!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Need just ONE minute to vent

I am so frustrated with Baby Waffles speech situation.  Yes, he has come so far and yes he is working so hard and yes I am very please with our current situation BUT just for one minute can I please just wine how very frustrated I am with trying day in and day out to just understand what he is saying?  Even when he does get words that make any sense he has no proper lilt to his sentences I guess would be the right term for it.  Everything he says there is a pause between words, like (Maddie our dog, in house).  That is one of the actually clear ones. 

It doesn't happen often but some days I just get so frustrated, will he ever be able to make us understand??????? I worry alot what is going to happen after we lose our current speech situation at the end of summer when he turns three.  It took a long time to find someone doing something that all lined up and seemed to click with him and make some major difference.  What if the school system SLP tries other things and we spend another year and a half until something clicks.....

to be continued is all I can say I guess.

Friday, June 8, 2012

big things are happening!

Tomorrow my stepson will be married!  It is so hard to believe that boy I met 10 years ago is old enough to be getting married but he is.  He is marrying his college sweetheart and they will be setting off on their life together.  I wish them well and hope for and wonderful event FREE weekend (as his mother is a basket case!!) 

Thursday, June 7, 2012

doing some renovations!

Felt like a change so I have been doing some home renovations on my blog.  Let me know what you think and if I messed anything up that I didn't notice.

Monday, June 4, 2012

FINALLY time for a Baby Waffle update!

I really wanted to get to this sooner but you know things come up and life gets in the way.  

Baby Waffle has really been making some progress with his speech therapy.  He is picking up new words all the time but honestly nothing that most people can understand.  He will age out of his current program on July 22 when he turns 3. At that point he will go into the Early intervention program through the public school system.  I have serious reservations about this BUT unfortunately we are not independently wealthy and well those SLP's have a pesky way of expecting payment!  

So we had our intake meeting for the school system today.  I was actually semi prepped for a fight because our current case manager gave me a lot of 'if he qualifies' comments but I think she just had to cover her heiny! When I first arrived at my meeting today they had already completed all the paperwork that made him eligible and basically I was there to sign.  They did however have him only getting 1 1/2 hour session a week but between my caseworker and myself we got that back up to 2 1/2 hour sessions a week which he is getting now.  Unfortunately since this is the public school system they will not start with him until school starts leaving almost exactly a month without services.  This also means nothing during Christmas, spring break or summer.  United healthcare will not help with anything speech related to 'developmental delays'.  We have already decided to do what we can to continue our current services on our own dime until the school starts but that wont help with the other breaks.  Anyone who knows Baby Waffle KNOWS this will probably be a problem.  No one seems to be able to definitively say yes this is Apraxia we are dealing with.  He is sooo not a textbook case of anything!  What the ladies did say is that if we COULD get an actual Apraxia tag on him then it is medical NOT developmental and UHC would in fact pick up some speech.  NOW if anyone (*Amanda Furbeck if you read this!) could tell me what I should do to make that happen I would greatly appreciate the suggestions!  For now we are staying with the status quo and enjoying the cuteness that is Baby Waffle!