Monday, June 11, 2012

Need just ONE minute to vent

I am so frustrated with Baby Waffles speech situation.  Yes, he has come so far and yes he is working so hard and yes I am very please with our current situation BUT just for one minute can I please just wine how very frustrated I am with trying day in and day out to just understand what he is saying?  Even when he does get words that make any sense he has no proper lilt to his sentences I guess would be the right term for it.  Everything he says there is a pause between words, like (Maddie our dog, in house).  That is one of the actually clear ones. 

It doesn't happen often but some days I just get so frustrated, will he ever be able to make us understand??????? I worry alot what is going to happen after we lose our current speech situation at the end of summer when he turns three.  It took a long time to find someone doing something that all lined up and seemed to click with him and make some major difference.  What if the school system SLP tries other things and we spend another year and a half until something clicks.....

to be continued is all I can say I guess.

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