Saturday, June 30, 2012

a little summer break

I have not forgotten this wonderful blog, I have just been more focused on my weight loss blog and not to mention Carolina Classical Academy (our home school) is officially on summer break.  We are taking the month of July off and will start with Little Waffle's grade 2 year in August.  I am taking this month to do lesson planning and to figure exactly where we want to go this school year.  

As soon as I figure it all out, I will come share with the world what we will be studying.  

On a Baby Waffle note, I am in a very frustrated place with his speech situation.  The state agency that has been helping us with his speech has a strict policy that he must receive his services in the 'least restrictive environment' which for us means in our house.  However everyone fully agrees this is NOT working for him.  Well I have found out that other people who have insurance that helps with the cost have been seen in the office.  Now it turns out since switching agencies we have to cover part of the cost.  I am not upset at having to pay a part however if I am paying WHY can we not go to the clinic first of all and secondly WHY did I get a bill for FIVE months of services at ONE time.  I have put a call into the agency to look into these issues but in the mean time I am taking my search elsewhere.  I live within 45 minutes of two of the best University hospitals in the country, to be sure there is some sort of program that will help us really get some where with his problems! 

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