Thursday, June 23, 2011

speech update

 I just want to send out a quick update on Little Waffles speech therapy before I hit the sack. I have decided I am not very happy with the progress we have made so far and I was talking to my case manager about switching him somewhere that we might be able to get in with an actual SLP.  Well it turns out his therapist has to go in for surgery which has freed us to find somewhere else but first we are going to get in with a different person in the office.  I am not sure of the new persons credentials but I have heard of the amazing work she does so I am up for trying her out before we move on.  So we will be starting with the new lady next Tuesday.  Finger's crossed she will work out and better understand Baby Waffles needs.  Just for the record, I want to make sure I say we LOVE the lady who usually works with him, I am just not sure she is making any progress or even working him the right way.   Fingers Crossed!!!

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