Wednesday, May 25, 2011

An update on Baby Waffles speech process....

I though I would give you a little up date on Baby Waffle. I got to see an actual SLP today. Actually it worked out nicely because the asst who we usually see got vandalized last night(not that THAT is a good thing) so we got the whole time with the SLP. She said she does think it is more oral-motor and not so much neurological. She also said she 'isn't convinced it is Apraxia'. Which is good enough for me right now because that means she is at least taking that into consideration. She said he does have 'softness' in his jaw area. She is the first person to flat out say the paci is not helping that, let's get it gone. (he was melting down for a nap at the time and managed to go out with only about 5 mins of fussing while the SLP was discussing this SO all the paci's are now in the big garbage can in the yard).
Oh she also said before we discussed the Apraxia that the asst thought I was worried about autism (which is when I said no apraxia) but the SLP said she doesn't think anything autism related should be a concern...which I didnt think it was but let's face it it is always good to hear that, lol.

So at this Point we are concentrating on eliminating the paci(done) and surviving that(will keep you posted on how that goes)and she is making up a list of activities for us to work on
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