Saturday, April 14, 2012

Hunger Games, my opinion

So today I got paid back for watching my friends son several times by that friend watching my two so Daddy Waffle and I could have some time off.  We went to lunch at our favorite Mexican restaurant and then messed around for a bit going to a discount store and walking around before the movie.  

I am one who actually read the book before seeing the movie and I just thought I would put my two cents out there.  I LOVED it.  Was it the book to the letter? NO but it was close enough that I wouldn't complain at all.  That is my one big grip with all of the Harry Potter flicks, they are sooo different from the books, leaving out major plot points. But back to HG, I feel like it really helped that I had read the whole series before seeing this movie because I was really invested in the characters far before or even more than I would have been otherwise.  I actually teared up several times but for those who may not have seen it yet NO SPOILERS. Bottom line, go see it.  Even my usually grumpy gus hubby had to admit he liked it.  If that doesn't make you run out, NOTHING will.  

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