Tuesday, April 17, 2012


I am so proud of Baby Waffle. For the first time in probably a month we had a very successful speech therapy session! Even his therapist commented it was the most words she had ever heard him say. He has pretty much figured out consonant/vowel combos like me, bee, knee etc although he still may need some prompting at times. He has much more trouble when the vowel comes first so she is working a little more on that. Also we have noticed he is trying more to call daddy waffle daddy instead of guy like he has been doing and mom is moving more to mommy although much less clear than his mom is.

I also want to give him props for surviving the longest shopping trip today which ended with only a brief nap in the car. He never attempted to nurse once we got home which resulted with him not getting a full nap but he never tried and for the fourth night in a row he is sleeping in his own bed. I am spending a few nights in his room on the floor because he seems to wake around 2 am which wakes me, if he does that with me right here I can gently pat his tushy and he goes back to sleep.

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