Saturday, August 18, 2012

Funny how things happen...

So we randomly decided this was a good year to surprise (yes SURPRISE, so shhhh no one tell her!) Little waffle(dd7) with Disney.  There was no reason to treat just her except we love her and feltwhile baby waffle (ds3) would enjoy it for a minute we would all enjoy it more with out it turns out to be one of those mysterious ways things because out of the blue suddenly in three day little waffle went from healthy and happy to lying on a hospital bed.  While she will be fine, I don't think things will ever be completely the same for her.  Unless something highly unexpected shows up in her labs it seems she has diabetes and will have to deal with it for the rest of her life. There has been no talk of meds and I honestly don't know enought to know why that isn't an option or why we have to jump right to insulin.  I guess I will know soon enough, I see lots of research in my future.  

I do have to say I have never been happier that we home school!

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  1. Insulin is the only option for type 1 diabetics. She and you will learn to cope just as "Nick with the glasses" (lol) and I have learned to cope with the lifestyle changes.