Monday, November 1, 2010

First day of school

Yes we were a little late officially starting out year but we were waiting to get some redecorating done after the older Waffles left for the Navy.  We have been doing some work just never officially started our year until now. The redo of the house is running behind so we still aren't in our classroom as I had hoped but we did get started. 

Today we began HWT and worked on the upper case frog jump letters and Little Waffle actually told me she was having so much fun she didn't want to stop!  (love hearing that for the time it lasted)  We were not able to get to our phonics for today but we will get to that tomorrow. It is going to take some time to adjust to trying to get lessons in around Baby Waffle.  Before bed we read the first chapter in SOTW.

This week we hope to do HWT and phonics daily along with some math, which today we did in the form of making thin pancakes (crepes) for breakfast!  We hope to get SOTW three times a week but I also need to get the activity sheets before we get to far ahead.  We will make a trip to the library Wednesday both so the Waffles can get new books but also because I have a book on hold Naked Heat and I really miss reading for fun.

On top of trying to get started on Little Waffles official school year I have been asked to assist on a research team at my school.  I will be able to get my thesis out of this so I might just be able to graduate in May after all and I have to say at this point that will be a huge blessing as well as a weight off of my shoulders! 

I guess that is all for now, today is the official first day of NaBloPoMo, so I hope to post daily!  

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