Thursday, November 4, 2010

Remind me never to get a job in the Private Practice office~

I was having a really bad day.  Something happened that I don't want to talk about because I am not sure who reads this and not really how I would want to have people know, just know it was nothing earth shattering but I have to say coming home tonight and watching Private Practice put me in my place.  lol  Those people have it ALL happen!
It is so nice to have a release like tv.  I know, I know, it rots your brain and is horrible for developing minds but come on it is sooooo nice sometimes to watch things so horrible you can't wrap your head around it and know it isn't real!!!

So what else is going on...hmmm well for starters my poor Mac Book has been through the wringer.  Baby Waffle is murder on my poor computer and the result is I have no back slash, no question mark and my monitor is about to snap off at any minute!  Not really anything important about that information so much as I needed a question mark and had none to put in! So what was I saying, Oh yes, other things.  Now that the Navy Waffles are both out living their adult lives we have begun our home remodeling.  We have the playroom almost all set up and just have to get some last toys out of Little Waffle's room.  Once that is done we will move on to putting Baby Waffle's new toddler bed in the room with Little Waffle.  When we finally have them set up we can move back into the master suite and I will FINALLY be able to set up my classroom!  Now I need lots and lots of bookshelves.  So I guess I will head on over to craigslist and see what I can find!
So TTFN, baby Waffle is up! 

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  1. our computers have been destroyed by our kids! you should see what we have to do to use a computer husband has his gateway laptop with a broken screen hooked up to his mac desktop monitor. oh - and our 3 year old just broke our 37 inch lcd tv. we can't afford a new ne!