Monday, August 16, 2010

off the wagon... again... sort of and about a contest!

So yes I haven't been posting my food, I have however been watching what I eat.  I find it so hard to have time to post every day because baby Waffle is is getting two molars and is having a lot of issues with sleep.  Poor guy, he has four teeth up top plus the two molars coming in but only TWO teeth on bottom.  Gotta get a picture of his smile ;) 

Soo anyway, I know I wasn't going to weigh but I have because my shorts were getting a little loose, I am down three pounds, not much but hey it has only been what a week.  I will take that. So I am going to try again to get the every day posting in.... fingers crossed.

Now for the contest.  I stumbled upon a new cloth diaper cover that I adore and we planning on upping my stock in the next week or so with this new covers from  In the meantime, has announced a give away of this very diaper.  I am SO excited (I am even posting about this in hopes of an extra entry) The contests ends tonight so fingers crossed.... I hope I win some! 

OH I just realized something, I am down three pounds BUT I also got a visit from that worst of all friends today so I am probably totally bloated!  Whoo hoo.

Ok so TTFN!!!!

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