Tuesday, August 17, 2010

crappy day

all and all today was just an epic FAIL.  I love finding out who is true and who is full of crap but the only thing I can say is through it all you know who your friends are.  I am just hating at the moment that almost all of mine are so far away (even one near by is away on vacation) 

I am really starting to wonder, shouldn't the military provide separation/grief counseling for the friends left behind when the military family is sent to a new base.  I have never had this much trouble adjusting to a friend moving but for some reason it keeps hitting me.  Maybe it is because little Waffle keeps talking about her BFF, I don't know but my buddy was one who could always make me feel better and I don't have her around anymore either so it all sucks. 

The only thing I have to say is depressed or not I haven't resorted to pushing my feelings away under two tons of food.  Maybe that is actually why I am feeling bad, i am allowing myself to feel instead of eating?  I don't know but I am rambling so I will call it a night before Baby Waffle wakes up yet again!


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