Sunday, October 17, 2010

back again! (this time to stay??? )

Ok, so it has been awhile but I am back.  I originally wanted to start blogging for NaBloPoMo last year (national blog posting month, it is officially the month of November but now you can work with them all year I never made it last year but I am determined to stick with it this year so here I am!!!

So that said a little catching up.  School has been stressing me out.  This is the first semester since I went back to school after little waffle was born that I honestly feel like I can't keep up.  Little Waffle was always such a breeze and really until that thing called walking kicked in so was baby waffle but you know they have to grow and it is so much harder now.  I am supposed to read so much this semester and it just isn't getting done.  IF I pass one of my classes it will be by the shear grace of God!  

All of that stress is really effecting my weight loss (or lack there of!)  I try to walk at least 3 miles 2 or 3 times a week but since I also started baby sitting a friends 3 month old, that isn't happening as often as I would like BUT it is cooler now so I am trying to throw a walk in in the evenings on the days I can't do it in the morning.  My other new discovery is B12.  Apparently it is said to work wonders because long story short lots of women are lacking it.  I am going to start with that as soon as possible and will see what happens.  

So, OH about the walking.  I recently bought a used Phil & Ted stroller with the doubler seat. It is SUCH a fabulous stroller, it really is however I have to say there was apparently a recall at some point that we didn't know about.  All I can say is IF you have a Phil & Ted BE CAREFUL.  (apparently this is a good warning for most strollers but I speak only of the one I have).  Daddy Waffle was taking the stroller out of the car a few weeks back and didn't grab it right, he felt it grab his finger and yanked.  Next thing he knew the tip of his pinkie was GONE! I would post a picture but really, it isn't for the faint of heart so I will spare you! It has been a slow healing process. There was nothing really that could be done so it is just slowly healing over.  It hasn't made me like the stroller any less though for the record!!!

On to the rest, well one of the older waffles has flown the coop.  He is off in San Diego in the Navy and in one week we will lose the other older waffle.  He will be heading out to basic.  It will seem very strange when they are both gone, it is already odd to be short one!  I wish them the very best though, they deserve it.

And last but not least little Waffle has learned to ride her bike on just two wheels!  (One last thing her brother did before he leaves next week was make sure she could do it, isn't he great!) I am glad she was able to have that time with him. Now that the time has finally almost arrived for him to leave we can start moving rooms in the house and get down and dirty with her schooling.  We have kind of taken it a little easy since she was pretty much ahead anyway so we will really start her year Nov 1 and go through probably July.  We will be starting off serious with a handwriting program, reading, Story of the world for some history, and after she gets reading down, hopefully by January, we will start Latin.  We won a WHOLE curriculum steered to her age so I am excited.  We also have to buy her math program so we will just keep doing hodgepodge math until probably January or so and then start Right Start A. We also will be doing some art projects weekly and for now stick with the science survey from enrichment day supplemented with some experiments at home.

I am really looking forward to be a little less concerned with my classes and to be able to focus on little and baby waffles studies! 

Well I guess that is it for now! I will be back tomorrow.....ttfn

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