Saturday, October 23, 2010

Fall festival and weddings

Today s
Today was a good day.  Grandma Waffle joined me and the little Waffles for a morning of fun at Smith Family Farm for a Fall Festival.  We were able to walk around and see their few chickens, a donkey and goats as well as a trip through a millet maze and some old pumpkins.  The farm looked pretty much done for the year but we still had fun.  I will post a few pictures tomorrow but right now I don't know where my camera is and I am super tired!

Then we had to rush back (farm was about 45 minutes away) to get ready for the wedding of one of Daddy Waffles nephews.  It was such a pretty ceremony.  Both the bride and groom have children so they not only include the children but said actual vows to them. SOO sweet! 

Well that makes this short and sweet but I am BEAT, going to be in bed by 10 tonight, I promise!  Tomorrow I am making sweet and sour chicken for Middle Waffle (number 2)for his going away dinner as he has to be at the recruiting station at 1 pm Monday.  So TTFN 

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