Friday, October 22, 2010

Freaky Friday....ok not really but hey needed a title!

So today on the NaBloPoMo site they offered a prompt for writing and it was: Do you have any scars? How'd you get them? So as a matter of fact I do, several-major ones!  Well probably three to be exact.  The first is two fold and my proudest badge of honor and probably biggest regret my c-section scar (two c-sections so two fold).  I would hope it is obvious why it is my proudest but it is my biggest regret because I really really wanted natural childbirth.  With both pregnancies I made it so far with no pain meds but as it turns out supposedly I have what is called an android pelvis and as soon as the babies hit that point nothing was moving, my bones don't spread like they should and I went from totally cool with the pain to 'that' woman, you know the one-screaming down the hall, telling her husband he did that to her and he should be in pain too, you know!  With baby waffle it was so bad once it got to that point I would push and push and his poor little head was right there, we could see it but it just wasn't coming out and the pain of trying to get it out was SO bad I ended up having to have FIVE boluses of my epidural which basically at that point was not doing a thing.  

I really tried after Little Waffle, I had gotten it in my head that in her case it was because I let them induce me but then after Baby Waffle I have had to try to come to terms with the fact that it is just not meant to be for me, although really now out of the heat of the moment I think, what if I did something different- different position, not in the hospital but lets face it no one would let me try to have a baby out of a hospital after two c sections, so....

But anyway, I digress.  My UGLIEST scar is from a bowel resection.  I have crohn's disease and while the disease itself was never that bad, I got some side effects (too gross to really describe so I wont) which I was told would be resolved with the bowel resection.  It was a horrible surgery, kept me away from Little Waffle for a week which resulted in her weaning (which was ok because she was over 2 at the time) and overall just sucked but the WORST part was although I had the head surgeon running my case I ended up with the ugliest Frankenstein scar! You would think the could use something better than the staples they used but I guess I am not a movie star so my gut wasn't important enough to try to make pretty!

Finally I have a small set of scars from gall bladder surgery.  The least exotic and most unnoticeable scar so I will just leave that be.  

Well I guess that is it for tonight.  We are going to a fall festival for hay rides and pumpkin picking tomorrow.  Hopefully the weather will at least make us feel like late summer so we can enjoy it somewhat.  TTFN!

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