Sunday, October 24, 2010

Super Busy day

I spent the whole day prepping for family to come by tonight so we could celebrate the departure of the second step waffle.  

I cut up tons of chicken this morning to make the requested sweet and sour chicken and rice for the waffles and the grandwaffles.  The left over chicken will be cut up and fried with the rice for dinner tomorrow night.  I also used the bones and 'stuff' to make some chicken stock and will grind up the left over bones, celery, carrots and what not to make some sort of treat for the Waffle mut!

Well, I am spent and heading to the bed.  Tomorrow will be a busy day as I am not only keeping my own two along with the 3 month old I keep three days a week but I am also helping out a friend in need and keeping her 18 month old while she goes for a bone scan.  It is going to be a busy morning. Thank goodness for Little Waffle she is such an amazing helper! TTFN night all!!!

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