Wednesday, December 1, 2010

December 1st....

we say it all the time but SERIOUSLY where has the year gone, 2010 seemed like such a far off date once upon a time and now look it is essentially GONE! 

So today was a nice day, for the most part.  I was reminded by a friend to stop taking my kiddos for granted.  She posted the kids commandments on her blog and it really hit me, you know, right there.  I so often catch myself expecting sooo much of Little Waffle especially and I realized today that has got to stop.  She is only 5 and 3\4 after all!  (although we did figure out today that she has only 59 days until she turns 6~) 
 So that is my mission, work harder on letting her be a kid, if she would only work with  me on that one (she so much wants to be the boss, I swear!)

Baby Waffle I think has flipped his lid!  Well, first the good... I think I mentioned last night that while I was in school last night Baby Waffle fell asleep on Daddy Waffle and stayed there until like 11:30 pm.  I moved him at that time and he stirred, just long enough to nurse, and went back out.  He slept in his bed until around 3:30 am when he quietly came in my room and proceeded to sleep until 6:30ish this morning!  That has to be the best night sleep he has EVER had!!!  The crazy set in tonight though when the silly boy started dancing around the living room.  SOOOO FUNNY, he was spinning in circles until he was falling down.  I love it!  It was so fun to watch him being so happy.  Now if the little bugger would just figure out how to say Mama, Dada or ANYTHING for that matter!!!
Well I guess that is it for now, Peace out!  

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  1. I have to read those "commandments" every day!