Tuesday, January 25, 2011

weigh in day

I was all ready to title this post weigh in wednesday cause it sounds so catchy but then I realized duh, its Tuesday. I still will post my weigh in info since I did weigh. I can't believe I have to actually post a number this high but it is what it is so I guess to get it down I have to own it, right. I weighed in today at 257.7. That is down .2 since the last time I weighed but it is still higher than I have ever been even at the time of delivering either child.
So my short term goal for the week is simply one pound and no snacking after 7 pm (8 at the latest if dinner runs late) also to get exercise in at least 3 times.
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  1. we all have to start somewhere!!! Good luck my darling!!! We will be in the ONEderland before you know it =) I'm right there with you!!! Just one day at a time and eventually you won't even remember how it feels to weigh this much!!!

  2. I agree with Kassie, you have to start somewhere. I did quit for 3 mths, but my original start was my heaviest ever. I think your one week goal is pretty good! I'm a late night snacker too and it's a really hard habit to break but it helps a LOT!

  3. well so far so good, I haven't snacked past 7 AND bonus no sodas today!!! I only got a short walk in because of my tire trouble but the weather is really looking up after the rain spell we have tonight so I should get more than 3 days with exercise.
    Thanks for the support ladies, it really does help!!!