Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Started the New Year off right, a good knock down drag out fight with the hubs. It is all good though because it kind of blew the dust out.  I sometimes think it is a good idea to fight once and awhile for just that purpose.  No one is perfect all the time and no couple is happy 100% of the time!

The problem is the fight was about Baby Waffle.  I think we are at an impasse, we don't now how in the world to handle him.  He is already WELL into the terrible twos and he isn't even 18 months yet.  He isn't really saying much but boy does he have his own opinions about EVERYTHING.  He has decided not to go in his booster seat unless HE wants to do it and bed time OMG it is getting horrible.  At least for a while he would go to sleep even if he wouldn't stay asleep.  I dare say the one night I blogged about where he slept so well is STILL the only night he has done that.  Now though he is thrashing about crying out and just full on freaking out to try to fight sleep.  It is just not a happy time in this house most of the time for the poor little guy. 

I fully suspect much of this is due to his lack of expressive language.  That boy is all over receptive. He surprises me everyday with the things he understands but still to date he has not said Mama or Dada even once.  I hope something changes soon so he can stop being quite so frustrated all the time.  I am intending to call and get him evaluated but lets face it I am a bit scared of what they will tell me.  I know deep down whatever I find out it is better to find out sooner rather than later and get working on correcting, adjusting, relieving or what ever.  
 I guess I will end with a video of baby Waffle, everything has been all about the little Waffle lately I wouldn't want anyone to think I don't love them both!!!! 

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