Tuesday, January 18, 2011

stupid technology!

I attempted to post a very long post from my phone with blogger droid and apparently epic FAIL!  I am so aggrevated no way I will remember it all so here is a synopis:

-funky posts from the last few days came from trying to mobile blog from texting obviously does not work!
-my mac is hanging on by a thread and will cost about $400 to fix so I am on minimum techoloy contact for the immediate future
-homeschooling is going great Little Waffle has a great mind for memorizing
-Baby Waffle starts Kindermusik tomorrow
---- last but not least Baby Waffle FINALLY said a word (and just 4 days shy of turning 18 months go figure!)  He said Poppa (of course not mamma or dada)

--Guess that is it for now, I am hijacking Little Waffle's computer to post this so I should at least be able to post a little daily until the big repair but we will see.....  TTFN

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