Saturday, January 15, 2011

busy day

Ok so yesterday was a super busy day so although I SAID I would post I didn't get a chance to. I was up at 5:30 am to drive my friend about and hour a way to the airport so she could see her long distance boyfriend up in PA.  They met online and when they met he was in our state but his family is in PA and his time here ended so he had to go back up there.  They haven't seen each other since October so it was the least I could do for 'love'.  So since I was in the 'big' city (Raleigh) I spent a couple of hours shopping in the homeschool store and organic food stores which we don't have nearly the same of here and then came home. 

I was home long enough to take a nice nap and had to head back out to a fun filled (note the sarcasm) birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese.  You know, the party wouldn't have been so bad if old Chuckie was the way it once was, with the big animated creatures and what not but nowadays there is just one big head that barely does anything and a couple of tv screens.  Just not the place it used to be. The kids had a ball though, even Baby Waffle, so I guess that is all that matters. 

Now today we get to go to yet another birthday party, this time however it is at my Sister in laws house so it wont be so bad.  She wisely invested in her own personal bounce house a few years ago so ready party at any time!

The best part of this post I guess has to be to mention that we did a trial run at letting Grandma keep Baby Waffle.  This is the first overnight ever for him and SUCCESS!  He slept better there than he does here so I guess when the time comes in March he will survive so Daddy Waffle and I can go out of town to the Home School convention.  I am getting very excited. 

Speaking of Home Schooling, an update is well over due on how Little Waffle is doing. I am not sure I ever mentioned what we are working with but for Phonics we use the Ordinary Parents Guide to Teaching Reading and for Handwriting we use Handwriting without tears. For now we are mostly concentrating on these two subjects with math in everday situations added in (such as explaining fractions while she helps me cook) and loosely working in History by reading aloud the Story of the World I and doing some of the activities in the activity book.  We mix in science by doing little projects that interest her. (currently she is fascinated with yeast so we made a 'friendship bread' starter and her job has been keeping up with it daily.  We are on the last day of making the starter and later will attempt to actually make something with it.)

    So for Phonics--  she really suprised me yesterday when she stopped sounding out the words outloud.  She is slow between words but it is not nearly as painful as hearing her sound out every single letter.  ;0)  I am very proud of the progress she is making.  We have so far flown through the short vowel sounds, the consonants, s endings on words and two letter blends at the end and beginning of words.  We will begin dipthongs next week and I have to admit I am excited to start this section.  This must be a word they made since I learned to read because frankly I have never heard it and I am fairly certain I am a pretty good reader. 
 In handwriting she is really above par.  Little Waffle has always been blessed in the fine motor department and it is really benefiting her here. We started this year with the kindergarten book from HWT and she FLEW threw it.  When she rushes she may mess up some letters but over all she has GREAT handwriting for her age.  When I have time I will upload a picture of one of her writing projects.  While I was shopping yesterday I went ahead and bought the first grade books.  I occilated alot on if we should just do practice sheets for awhile but I think moving on in this department is the best idea with her.  She was probably actually ready for this level when we started which is why we finished so quickly. 

  There isn't much to say on the other subjects yet.  She is adding small numbers and can subtract a little too,  She is also getting the concept of fractions in theory because she likes to bake ALOT!  We don't actually have any kind of math curriculm at this point but I think that is ok afterall she isn't even 6 yet (that comes at the end of this month!!!) 

So there you go, everyone is now up to date to where we are.  I may break this off into too blogs, one for all my crazy rambling and one to keep up with schooling but for now, SOME will tell you I have enough trouble doing one blog so we will stick with this for now!!!!! 
Gotta run it is almost time to leave for the other party.... ttfn

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