Tuesday, January 25, 2011

crossing my finger for another good night for Baby Waffle....

I forgot to mention today that we had a FANTASTIC night last night.  Maybe it was the shots, maybe just a fluke what ever the reason, Baby Waffle fell asleep about 9:15 last night and SLEPT ALL NIGHT LONG UNTIL 7 AM!!!!  He slept in the bed with me but I didn't go down when he did and I was up and down all night with my tiny bladder.  Usually the smallest movement wakes him.
SOOO my prayer for tonight is a repeat of last night, he was out by 9:15 or so BUT I put him in HIS bed sooooo we will have to see what happens.  fingers crossed but even if he ends up in my bed I wont mind as long as he doesn't freak out screaming and wakes up as happy as he did today!!!!! 

Night all!

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