Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Date Night

I thought I would post a little something early because tonight is date night, whoo hoo.  My hubby and I have birthdays about a month apart so we decided to celebrate together and go to dinner and a movie.  We were supposed to do that about midway between the two but that basically falls on New Year's so we are just now getting around to it so it is off to dinner and to see Tron, just have to decide where to eat.

I should say today was a light day for schooling.  We have a class in 'town' (we live in town but I just mean out of the house) for Little Waffle and Baby Waffle has Kindermusik so we didn't get much at home work done.  Little Waffle did bring her hand writing to Kindermusik which was nice it kept her busy for a minute and got today's work done.  She learned about water at enrichment day.  We are supposed to play a game with her reading and she practiced her poem in the car so we are pretty much on target for the day.
Well that is it.  I wont have pictures to beef up my posts for awhile until my computer is fixed or blogger for driod decides to work for me.  Anywho, ttfn.

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