Thursday, January 27, 2011

I love school books!!!

Going to college I occasionally get refunds from my student loans, you know, once a semester.  Today was that day and it allowed me to first of all send my poor dear Mac book out for repairs(yipee I have been dying with out my girlie!) and second I was FINALLY able to buy the math curriculum I have been dying to start with Little Waffle.  It should be here in a week to 10 days and from what I understand we will probably fly through it.  I love that is holds the parent/teacher by the hand and tells you exactly how to teach.  That has been a tough area for me as a new homeschool teacher.  

I was also able to reserve our room for the homeschool convention we are going to in March and I am starting to get excited. While I really am looking forward to some of the seminars what I am REALLY ready for is the shopping!  I still would like to get a grammar/writing curriculum and some more science stuff. I just love the looking!!!!  We should have tax money by then also so I should have plenty to shop with. 

SOOO happy stuff behind me, time to post a little update on Baby Waffle.  It turns out our insurance doesn't cover speech unless there is a medical need for it (what would a medical need for speech even mean????) so we have switched tactics and my ped is sending us to CDSA (Child Development something something, lol) They are a state agency that works with uninsured or underinsured people.  They will do a FULL eval on Baby Waffle and determine what or even IF any intervention is needed and manage his case.  We start with a hearing test on Feb 21 and will schedule everything else from there.  We also have a Ortho consult on Feb 10th to see what or if anything needs to be done about the short leg. 
I will update this blog as I find anything else.

For now I should really get to working on my assignments for my own school work.  I am outta here! 

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