Monday, January 24, 2011

Baby Waffle's 18 month well visit

So baby waffle donned his shades and coat and off we went for his well visit.
He was in a great mood and didn't really complain at all until she hit him with the second(& third) shot but I digress.....
He is 27 pounds and some change for weight putting him in the 75%. Where the interesting part comes in is height. He is 95th for height with his right leg coming in at 34 1/2 inches but only 33 7/8th with his left leg!!!
We knew something was up a long time ago because everytime we had a visit in those first few weeks after birth they came up with a different lenght for him. I never made a connection though until he got mobile and his little leg always seemed to give out and he would(still does) fall down alot. It finally hit me one say maybe different nurses were measuring different legs. Sure enough it turns out one leg is shorter. When the doc looked closer she said it looks it is something between the knee and ankle but admits this is out of her expertise so she refered us out to see an ortho specialist. Will update when I know anymore.
One other thing came of the visit, his doc is sending us for a speech / hearing eval since he has no words yet. Will post more on that later as well.
Other than that our little man is great. Maybe so great that he will give me my ipod back sometime soon. ( everyone on facebook knows he ran off with it yesterday and now ir is no where to be found!!!) I use my ipod to get to sleep at night and I have to say I didn't sleep a WINK last night!! One of my stepsons left his bani behind when he left for the Navy, I an trying to get it charged up. I hope he doesn't mind me borrowing it!!
Guess that is it for now. With the busy day we had Little Waffle had it easy we only hit phonics and handwriting today. She didn't seem too upset about it. Lol.
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  1. Oh FYI his hair was curtosey of my friends 15 yr old daughter.

  2. first off i LOVE his hair!!! absolutely adorable =)
    secondly the sunglasses?! oh emm gee!!!
    thirdly i hope you find your ipod AND everything works out for baby waffle with his uneven legs..

  3. what a handsome little boy he is! cute hairstyle :) I hope all goes well with ortho and speech soon!

  4. LOVE the hair and sunglasses!!! The peds are supposed to measure legs? I don't think mine ever has. Hope Baby Waffle's ortho and speech appts go well!

  5. Sam I don't think they normally do but we went in to see them ALOT in the first month or so because we had a jaundice situation. Everytime we went in they came up with a different length. I honestly thought they were just stupid until he started walking and fell alot, always to the left. I got to thinking hmmm I wonder if there is a reason, SO when she went to measure him I said I know this might be stupid BUT could you measure him with both feet.