Tuesday, January 18, 2011

technology hates me!!!

For those who questioned those last couple of posts from me. I attemped to post from my phone with texts like blogger says you can but apparently not so much. I am trying blogger for droid now so let's see what happens.
My mac is so completely shot. It is going to cost almost $400 to fix, which yes I could buy a pc to replace it for less but I am apple faithful through and through. It is a good price to pay to fix it. Honestly the guts are fine, its the case that us shot. Baby Waffle has terrorized it! One two many times knocking it to the floor I guess.
Ok so putting that aside, school with Little Waffle is going great. I have lessons planned out for two weeks which has been great. I found if I don't write it down, it isn't happening.
Little Waffle has really impressed me with her memorization skills this week. We added memorizing to our list and she started yesterday on a poem from our phonics program which helps with the short vowel sounds. She has gone around all day today reciting it for anyone who will listen. Its not 100% but it is really close. She has always excelled in memory though so I shouldn't have been surprised. :)
Tomorrow Baby Waffle finally gets some time, we start Kindermusik again. He was a little hesitatant last semester but I think he is going to warm up this time he really seems to love music now!
OH and I can't belive I almost forgot to mention he FINALLY spoke! Poppa was his first word!
Well now that I wrote a book I am going to go try to post it. Fingers crossed it works better than those last two!!!!
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  1. your post was published with blogger-droid!!! it just took a second to show up!!! =D