Thursday, January 20, 2011

a day at our school

Today started getting a little rough so I thought a few pictures of us actually working were in store! Along with one that explains why things started looking up!
We had fallen a bit behind having to leave for kindermusik and science class yesterday so not only did we play catch up but also Little Em was so eager to do extra in her handwriting that I decided to go insane and do tomorrows assignments too. Tomorrow is payday and we need some serious groceries so this will give us more time to get that done.
On a side note, yesterdays local groupon was for a haircut from a day spa for $20. ($48 value) I have decided I can't use it until I lose 10lbs so it will be a treat of sorts for me. So please keep on me to keep me on track. I need to lose 10 from tomorrow because I didn't weigh today so I don't really have a starting point. :)
Well I am off to relax( as much as I can with laundry about to bury me....)
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  1. you can do it pretty lady!!! I have faith in you!!! Sam and I are using her birthday as a mini goal which is February 25th(? i think..) so i EXPECT you to be atleast 5 down by then!!! that gives you a pound a week ish.. TOTALLY doable =) and i believe in you!

  2. I'm here to harass you too! And Kassie's right, my bday is 2/25. You can do it!!

    On the homeschooling side, one of the beauties of homeschool is that you CAN do extra or less work to make up for another day. Don't worry about it at all :)

  3. Thanks ladies it helps so much to have people to push you.

    Oh and the school thing, she was making me nuts with reading words. I can't remember what it was but I knew she knew it...she just refused to sound it out right...wait,it was tacos! I even sounded it out to the point of practically saying it. I thought I was going to have to beat her with a taco!!! Lol. We got beyond it though and the morning ended up a success. We ended up covering quite a bit of ground.